How ’13 Going On 30′ Predicted Millennial Fashion

There’s a reason why Ariana Grande included the closing scene from 13 Going 30 in her romantic comedy seminar “Thank U Next:” The film was not only a seminal moment in pop culture, but it also offered a fashion clinic that, 15 years on, is still relevant.


For those who need the refresher, the Jennifer Garner-starring film centers around a 13-year-old girl who wakes up a successful magazine editor living in New York City after wishing she was 30. The child-like wonder with which she applies to her life as the older version of herself teaches her (and the audience) valuable lessons about appreciating the present and treating those around her as equals. It also meant she wore outrageous looks with the kind of reckless abandon any early-’00s adult would have long-since have grown out of—the kind of lawlessness we now see today.


1. Underwear as Outerwear

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion 2

While this might have been the first time you witnessed lingerie as day wear, it was not about to be the last. The 2010s have fully embraced underwear outside the bedroom, from corsets and bras to slips and robes, often paired with a coat or heavy jacket. Jenna Rink running out in her nightie set is one of the most popular looks of our generation.


2. The Cardigan Set

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion 5

Cardigans have been experiencing a renaissance (credit for which is mostly owed to Bella Hadid), but I’d put money on a three-piece cardigan set—skirt, tank, sweater—being the number one look for Fall ’19. Open your Etsy now.

3. The Silk Cut-Out Dress

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion

Let this image serve as definitive proof that under-boob cut-outs existed long before Daisy. Just in case you think multi-colored striped dresses are not in the modern style guide, think again: This summer is set to be colorful.

4. The Puffed Sleeve Dress

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion 7

Surely this needs no further explanation.

5. The Corset Top

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion 4

A staple for every art-girl-cum-fashionista or Instagram sensation, the corset top has taken fashion by storm…but Jenna Rink did it first. Check Danielle Guizio for something similar.


6. The Baguette Bag

How '13 Going On 30' Predicted Millennial Fashion 1

It’s unlikely there are many other ’00s accessories that have caused as much buzz as the return of the baguette bag, and it’s this pink satin Prada that rounded out the outfit that the film’s promotion would hinge on. Jenna Rink, our style icon, we thank you.


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