9 Sustainable Alternatives To Plastic Bags

At the end of March NYC’s plastic bag ban began. That rhymed! This isn’t the only plastic bag ban and that’s the best news because certain countries in Europe started this trend years ago. Let’s hope that it becomes a more serious ban because some bodegas have still been using their leftover stock. 


However with the virus happening, some grocery stores are no longer permitting shoppers to bring in their own reusable bags, fearing they could be a way of spreading the virus, and other stores are once again offering plastic bags until June 15th. 


While we don’t know the extent in which this will help or hurt the planet or how this will affect jobs in the plastic industry, we couldn’t be more elated to know that every single shop is now B.Y.O.B. 


Bags with straps that can carry a lot of weight have been the most popular and among those are brands like Baggu, Junes and Hay. Each brand has bags that come in every size and shape and go so far as to make sure that they fit in your other bags, in case you’re a lady on the go. 


Stores like Opening Ceremony, Aesop and Free People started the trend early by making all of their bags reusable and other stores have started to follow suit. Regardless of if their bags are reusable, I think many have had a huge sigh of relief knowing that their bags are fully recyclable. They’ve even stopped being wrapped in tissue and have come with compostable packaging when ordering online. 


Another great thing about the plastic bag ban, aside from other states that have also implicated this trend is the fact that this is just another way to express yourself and your style. Like Beekeeping? There’s a reusable bag for that. Like The Strokes? There’s a reusable bag for that. Like… you get it. There are so many wonderful ways to express oneself and this is just another way to do so. 



Packing Essentials Bag – Soft Yellow – Small



Six Color Reusable Bag – No.3



Set Of 3 Standard Baggu Printed Ripstop Nylon Totes – White



Canvas Market Tote



Mesh Tote at Free People



Duck Bag



organic cotton logo tote bag – NEUTRALS



Standard Reusable Tote Bag – Animal at Urban Outfitters



Filt Large Net Bag



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