How To Mix Animal Prints Like a Pro

While this winter has been devoid of lingering puddles the size of miniature lakes and the snow quickly departs after a fleeting kiss, we’re taking this opportunity to take a walk on the wild side and yes, that does mean animal prints.

You can dress almost anything up with a classic leopard print coat, or better yet, what about something that screams slinky but with a snakeskin print. The best thing about these prints is that they hardly go out of style so deciding to invest in yet another coat (that you might not need) might be more of blessing in disguise than a reason to have to bring lunch for a week. With a printed coat or jacket, you’re able to dress up just about any drab outfit, whether it’s the off-duty staples of jeans and a tee or a hoodie, just add a lusty print and stomp on out the door.

If you’re done with coats (we’ve had just about enough of them as well) and want something a bit more practical but still spicy, opt to make your animal printed top or bottom the statement piece of your outfit by pairing it with more of a monochromatic finish. If you’ve found that perfect red-snakeskin skirt, go all black around it to make it P-O-P! You can mix and match here but it’s an easy way to make the most out of all the black in your closet while still implementing that isn’t so tired.

Now if you’re really feeling yourself have you ever gone print on print? Of course, this is look is only for the bold so adapt wisely. Perhaps the trick here is to make sure the prints are of the same color scheme but you knew that already didn’t you? If you don’t believe this to be good advice, trust us, Wintour herself was seen doing so.

Last but not least, we’ll leave you with two words: accessories and shoes. Belts, flats, heels, let your mind wander and get creative with it! After all, are you really walking on the wild side if you need the approval of little old us?


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