A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs

If there was one haircut that ruled  the early 2000s, it was the asymmetrical bob. Not so long before the days of Instagram influencers and iPhone selfies, every It girl of the decade would take a blurry mirror pic with their Canon PowerShot to show off their short, edgy ‘do on their MySpace page It truly was a prime moment in hair history.


But, with ‘90s and early-2000s nostalgia in high gear, could this short, angular hairstyle possibly be making a comeback? We think so. And frankly, we think it’s about damn time. With tons of celebrities embracing  shorter hair, it’s obvious that the asymmetrical bob is set to have a major revival in 2019 (mark our words).


If you need some guidance before going full-retro, allow favorite asymmetrical bobs of yesteryear—and some modern looks, too—to guide you.


Jennifer Aniston


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs

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“The Rachel”  was the biggest hair trend of the ’90s. It’s a more tamed version of what we picture the asymmetrical bob to be today, but it’s undoubtedly the one that started it all.


Unlike the sleeker bobs we see now, Aniston’s style is more of a blow-out version of the trend. To create this look, apply a blow out cream, like R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm, to your strands before reaching for the hair dryer—it’ll keep your hair guarded from heat damage and add an extra boost of body and volume.



Park Ave Blow Out Balm



Victoria Beckham


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 3

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The most iconic asymmetrical bob to ever exist is obviously that of Victoria Beckham’s. When she debuted this cut in 2009, it spawned a million-and-one copycats.. Because if there was anyone who brought short hair to the forefront of style, it’s undeniably Posh Spice.


To create this full-bodied look, tease straightened hair with some volumizing spray. Our favorite pick?  Oribe’s Volumista Mist for Volume.



Volumista Mist for Volume



Paris Hilton


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 2


Paris Hilton wasn’t just trendyshe was the trend. And her sleek, angled platinum bob was one of the signatures  that helped turn her into an early-2000s, pink-lip gloss-wearing version of Marilyn Monroe.


To give your hair the ultimate straight edge look, spritz some  IGK Good Behavior Protein Smoothing Spray on before styling. Seriously, no flyaway can resist the power of this keratin treatment in a can.  



Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray 5.6 oz/ 186 mL





A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 1

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This was a goodbye to pop singer Rihanna, and a hello to the Bad Gal Riri we know today.


If you’re ready to join the bad gal side, give your hair a rebellious look with some bold highlights. To maintain your faux-natural colors for as long as possible, use a color-boosting serum (we recommend the Oribe Power Drops Color Preservation Booster) daily.



Power Drops Color Preservation Booster



Kelly Osbourne


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 6

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Osbourne has always been unapologetically experimental with her style, but one of our favorites was her  lavender take on the asymmetrical bob. A side shave creates the ultimate contrast, but the loose curls make it feel more dressed up. e. It’s a busy hairstyle done oh-so right.


Though we love a good side shave, the problem many people face with the style is dryness and flaking. To keep your newly shaved scalp looking and feeling fresh, use a scalp exfoliant to slough away any unwanted flakes. The IGK Low Key Cleansing Scalp Scrub will help  refresh and refine any dry patches getting in the way of your cool new ‘do.



Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub 5 oz/ 147 mL



Kim Kardashian West


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 4

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We have to give KKW some credit: When it comes to hairstyles, she never disappoints. Need an example? See this bleach blonde bob. The asymmetrical cut feels unique  by simply being combed back, creating more volume than usual.


For this  style, use a light hair mousse or foam to hold things in placeminus  the crunchy finish or residue of a hair gel. The Ouai Soft Mousse is our secret weapon for hair with a soft, flexible hold that’s free of flyaways and unruly strands.



Soft Mousse



Rita Ora


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 5

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Rita Ora’s ultra-short asymmetrical bob almost crosses onto pixie cut territory, but stays just long enough to be added to this list.


To create this slightly bedhead look, spritz on a bit of texturizing spray.. The Morrocanoil Dry Texture Spray will make your hair look slightly   tousled without sacrificing your hours-long straightening routine.



Dry Texture Spray 1.6 oz/ 60 mL



Dua Lipa


A Look At The Most Iconic Angular Bobs 7

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The “wet” look was one of the biggest hair trends of 2018, and Dua Lipa just gave it a major upgrade by pairing it with an angular bob. It’s a look that just screams “eat your heart out, Kylie Jenner.”


But, you’re going to need more than just a few drips of water to get this look. Using a hair wax is key to giving your strands that slippery, sleek appearance  all day long. And our go-to hair wax is the Oribe Star Glow Styling Wax.



Star Glow Styling Wax



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