The Products A Professional Beauty Hoarder Actually Uses

Very few moments in the day are as bare as the moment you wake up. We each have our own kinks and quirks that help us get out of bed, but few of us are brave enough to share them with the world. Introducing A Cool Morning, a deep dive into the intimate daytime rituals of our coolest friends and beauty innovators.


Ava Lee is an unabashed skincare and makeup hoarder. Over years, the beauty vlogger’s has amassed an impressive collection of vials and facial elixirs that she shares in-depth with her Instagram and YouTube fans. The NYC-native has cultivated a cult-following for her refreshing mix of luxury and green beauty favorites—and the fact that she’s gotten her beauty regimen down to a science.


But, how does Lee get such flawless skin? With the usual sleep mask, sunscreen, and…metal spoons? Below, she shares  her surprisingly simple morning routine, the best time of day to shower, and more.



What’s the first thing you do every morning?

“Take my Slip silk sleep mask off and check my phone (guilty!)”


Do you have a morning workout routine?

“I try to go to the gym two-to-three times a week;  [my workout] is a mix of pilates, stretching, and some weights. I stopped doing cardio a year ago, actually.”


Shower at-night, morning, or both?

“Always at night! I hate going to bed not washing off all the dirt I accumulated throughout the day.”


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Some new things on the rotation for my very confused skin…the weather in nyc goes from negative degrees to 50s in less than a week. Not complaining here but its important that you stick to products that really recharge your skin. — @drjart Peptidin Radiance Serum – I started using this serum as soon as I received this on Monday, both morning and night. It’s a watery serum (my favorite kind of texture) packed with 8-peptide complex and peach flower extract to help combat dull, tired skin. I especially like this for the daytime because of how lightweight it is and acts like a radiance primer to give a natural, re-energized glow. @indie_lee Squalene Oil – I finished the mini of this oil from their discovery set and kinda fell in love upon first use so I’m so excited to have received the full size! A little goes a long way – it took me a long time to even finish the mini because just one drop is enough to fully moisturize your face. @dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance – rich but not heavy is the perfect way to describe this moisturizer. I think it’d be best for those with dry skin and could be a little too thick for oily skin but I can see it being a winter holy grail for so many. @briogeo Castor Oil – ok I tried this on my scalp and it got a little too sticky I couldn’t stand it but have been using it on my brows overnight lately. But please, any tips for the hair is welcome! @ohiibeauty hand cream – I need this in a mini desperately. *products mentioned in caption all gifted. — #winterbeauty #cleanbeauty #crueltyfree #haircare #ighair

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Daily alarm time? How many times do you hit snooze?

“If I’m working out, 6:15 a m. If I’m not, 7:15 a.m. I hardly ever hit snooze, but I’ve been finding it harder to wake up in the winter.”


If you’re running late, what’s the one thing you have to do?

“Grab my phone and run out the door. But I never leave the house without having SPF on my face.”


Favorite breakfast?

“A butter croissant, ideally, but I’ve been making  breakfast bowls recently with overnight oats, acai or maqui powder, fruits, granola, and collagen powder.”


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it’s so cold in nyc right now I wish I could just cozy up in bed all day wearing my @baremebeauty dry mask. This is one of the coolest masks I’ve tried this year because it’s DRY! No liquids/essence like typical sheetmasks. Even after opening up this mask, I had no idea how it would actually work for my skin. The magic behind this is the balm that is infused in one side of the mask (swipe right for details!). The balm holds all the good stuff – it’s composed of high concentrations of active ingredients. Once on the face, you massage or jade roll it to help release the ingredients in the balm to penetrate into your skin. The technology of this mask allows for that! You just leave it on for 15 minutes and take it off for a glowy/dewy look – it’s so amazing. It would be perfect for traveling / flights where you don’t want to make a mess from all the watery sheetmasks. Best part is you can use it up to 3x so make sure you pack it for your next trip! Have you tried / heard of a dry mask?! You can use code “GLOWWITHAVA” on their website for 20% off for these masks! 💕 . . . . . . . . . #masking #sheetmasks #skincareobsessed #skincare #glossyskin #glow #glowyskin #dewy #dewymakeup #nomakeupmakeup #glassskin #skincareaddict #amroutine #makeup #igbeauty #beautygram #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #selfie #beauty #naturallook #mood

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Weirdest morning beauty habit?

“I often wake up with puffy eyes, so I use metal spoons that I have in the freezer.”


Tell us your morning hair-care routine.

“Usually nothing, since I wash my hair at night. I’ll brush my hair and on days when I want to put more effort, I go in with my Amika Polished Perfection Straightening Brush. You brush your hair but it also straightens it at the same time. Love an effective 2-in-1 product!”


How much time do you spend on your skincare routine?

“5-10 minutes in the morning and 15-30 minutes at night; it depends if I’m masking.”


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I’ve been seeing so many cool makeup looks lately ranging from neon eyeliners, pink mascara, and galaxy-inspired glittery eyes and while I’d love to give it a try, I always stick to my neutrals and this @lilahbeauty in b.true is the most color I get usually. I will say the one adventurous look I want to try is an electric blue eyeliner or eyeshadow. what are some cool makeup trends you want to try? — I always love a lot of color in my lips and while the Lumiere from @tomfordbeauty balm glides on and gives that hint of gloss, the coral is not strong enough for me at all. think of it as a very expensive lip primer that I bought solely for its packaging (once again). On the other hand, the Tom Ford eyeshadow in Copper is very pigmented and seriously my favorite shade of all time and is definitely a repurchase for me! #tomford #luxbeauty #luxurybeauty #makeuplook #minimalist

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How long do you usually take to get ready for the day?

“I really try to keep it minimal in the morning. I don’t have time for a full glam look. Skincare and makeup combined, I can usually get ready in 20 minutes, 30 minutes max if I really want to try and look good for a meeting.”


What’s the one product you could never leave the house without putting on?

“SPF!! And sunglasses in the summer.”


The first word/thing that popped into your head this morning?

“It’s too cold to go to the gym. Stay in bed for 30 more minutes.”



Silk Eye Mask - Lilac



Pure Light Spf 50



Polished Perfection Straightening Brush in Black.


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