The Weather Might Suck But Your Clothes Don’t Have To

We’re beginning to forget what the sun looked like. It’s already April but it’s still snowing. If there ever was a good time to give up trying to look good, that time would be now. Who else is tired of finally breaking in those new suede shoes, only to step outside into a sea of melted snow? Getting sick of each time you try out a new hair product just to walk into awful humidity? Or belatedly putting on that new spring dress just to freeze all day after temperatures drop ten degrees?

So, yeah. There are many reasons to just give up, succumb to the disgusting weather, boycott your cute clothes and wear a cozy pair of sweats until June. Or, you can muster up your last bit of patience and wait out the shitty weather in something chic and classic.



ShutterstockFor those of you inclined to make one more attempt at dressing well as a way to will the sun into shining, we recommend you go all out, style-wise. Treat your feet to an adorable pair of backless pumps, something with a pointed tow and accentuated straps. Stay warm yet fashionable in a chocolate-hued trench. Go all-out sartorial with straight-legged chinos. And put on those sunglasses, go out your door, and pretend it’s nice outside.


Cotton-blend trench coat



Structured v-neck top

115$ $81


Tapered trousers

125$ $63


Maureen suede mules



DiorLadyStuds square sunglasses



Shoulder bag with buckle


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