Beyond Basic: the Healthy Way to Start Your Day and Stay On-Trend

Trending daily rituals with staying power. Healthy does not always mean low-fat or fat-free. Change your vision on eating well and stop following food trends just because they’re trends. We need protein, we need fat, we need to know the real way to eat well.


Some trends are known to circle back given enough time, i.e. high waisted jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and to my unwilling surprise the fanny pack. But food trends are something of a different animal. As a more complete understanding of how the body works on a biochemical level becomes available, we are able to make a more educated choice regarding our food, giving some of today’s trendiest foods staying power. So please, stop with the low fat yogurts, soy food-alternatives, and flavorless egg whites and begin feeling good about starting your day with a hit of protein, and maybe more than a little side of fat.  

Not only are certain foods nutritionally just better than others, but the timing of food is important as well. Imagine the difference you feel from being woken up by someone screaming at you to get up versus a cuddle from your loved one; you are far more likely to feel sensitive at the start of your day, as well as continue this abrupt sensitivity throughout the day than you would have if awoken gently. Now I know it’s on-trend to eat food according to what day we are celebrating (international donut day?), but when you put high carbs and sugar in your body first thing in the morning, you are throwing your blood sugar for an overly sensitive reactivity for the rest of the day.

Here are some of today’s trendiest edibles and why they are here to stay

Avocado Toast

It only makes sense to begin this list with everyone’s favorite, “The Avoast.”  

Starting your day with a healthy fat is the best way to fuel your brain in the morning. Your brain is made up of cholesterol, so adding fat to your morning routine ensures your brain will be running on a freshly fueled tank and actually helps increase healthy cholesterol levels.  Avocado is also higher in potassium than a banana, loaded with bioavailable fiber, great for your skin, and delicious! Add an egg or two for morning protein or just stick with a my morning go-to Wealth Coffee.

Whether you are gluten intolerant or not, gluten-free bread options tend to be easier to digest for everyone. If you notice you have a tendency to bloat first thing in the morning, give a gluten free option a try. For those living that forever gluten life, give sourdough toast a try. Sourdough is lower in yeast and is generally easier to digest and improves glucose tolerance.

Adoptogen/ Fat Coffee

From the classic Bulletproof coffee adding butter and coconut oil, to the newer variations of adding every adaptogen under the sun. This grounded beverage helps slow the spike of caffeine, yielding a more sustainable energy as well as helps stave off hunger. Depending on the adaptogen you choose you can yield a variety of benefits. This is also a great substitution for those who are pregnant or caffeine averse.  

Try these for an added boost, or blend together for long lasting stable energy.  Adding a bit of coconut oil, or butter to these will help improve its efficacy by increasing nutrient absorption.

  • Rhodiola: reduces stress, calming
  • Ashwaghanda: energy boosting, brain cognition benefits
  • Chaga: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant packed, and antimicrobial
  • Lions Mane: boosts brain cognition, but has a calming effect, so it’s great for anyone who struggles with anxiety
  • Cordyceps: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant powerhouse and boosts glutathione, and helps balance hormones
  • Reishi: helps stabilize blood sugar


Matcha has been crowned the superior tea, since it’s made up of the leaf in its entirety, rather than simply brewing the aged leaf. By consuming that nutrient-dense leaf, you are filling up on detoxifying gold! Matcha is chock full of Indole-3 carbinol, which is the primary liver detoxifying agent that makes helps keep your system moving properly and helps keep your legs lean and smooth. When we store fat in our thighs this shows that your body is struggling to manage its estrogen levels, matcha helps stabilize this process.

Next time you order matcha, go straight up. Skip the sugary “not” milks (don’t even think about soy), if the bitter taste is too much for youtry adding a bit of coconut oil. This will make it softer on your palette

Bone broth

Bone broth has become a daily staple as a protein rich, low calorie go-to that staves off hunger and keeps you recovering quickly.  The key in this heartwarming liquid lies in the collagen, which strengthens bones, heals the gut, and improves skin, hair, and nails. The hyaluronic acid helps decrease inflammation, strengthen and lubricate joints, and improves your skin’s elasticity and glow.  Bone broth also contains glycine, which helps stave off fatigue.

Bone broth is my secret after a hot yoga class, due to its healthy boost of sodium.  If I don’t replenish my sodium soon after, I tend to get headaches because you lose so much during a class, but bone broth has ensured that I can keep attending my favorite heated classes with no issues.

You can add turmeric and ginger for anti-inflammatory properties, garlic for anti-microbial, or you can stir an egg into it for even more protein. For about 150 calories, you get 10g protein.

CBD Coffee, Oils and Sweets

As we grow up and the time has come to throw out your college bong, there is now a better way to chill and the best part- is that it doesn’t interfere with all the adulting that you actually need to show up for!  As CBD becomes more popular, the number one thing you must know is that this use of the marijuana plant does not get you high, but still has the medicinal benefits of calming the mind and muscles, as well as helps reduce inflammation.  

My favorite way to chill are these Edibles Chocolate from Magic Mix Juicery and nightly I use this Archipelago CBD Salve from Alchemist Kitchen for sore muscles.  As the CBD salves can be more on the expensive side to try out, this one is the real deal!  After trying many different version, this one definitely smells like the plant (as many mask the smell in menthol), I have found Archipelago to be the most effective!

Today, foods with staying power are valuable because what is within rather than the old trend of being without.  Let this approach spread through your daily diet and bring focus to where you are getting the good stuff and forget about trying to replace “bad food” with faux food alternatives.

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