The MUA-Approved Guide To On-The-Go Beauty

Every single morning, without fail, I sleep a little too long and rush out the door before I can apply a single swipe of eyeliner. I leave myself with the same unfortunate situation time and time again: applying liquid eyeliner in a moving, packed shoulder-to-shoulder train for 45 minutes. It’s a skill that I’ve perfected down to a T (my trick is to move with the swaying train, not against it).


But, I know some of you may not have the coordination it takes to properly execute an on-fleek cat eye in a moving vehicle, so we rallied up our experts for some guidance. Whether you’re sitting in the backseat of an Uber, or standing on a packed downtown B train, these quick tips will leave you with a flawlessly beat face. Below, check out the makeup artist-approved tips for getting ready on the go.


Prep, Set, And Refresh With A Face Mist

If you’re on a jet, or lingering in the subway, there’s nothing more essential to any beauty routine than a face mist — bonus points for a natural, floral options — according to James Vincent, Makeup Artist & Director of Artist Relations for The Makeup Show.


“Floral Waters like Rose Water serve multiple purposes for makeup and more,” Vincent says. “Hydrosols have antibacterial properties and are the perfect way to refresh makeup, calm nerves, clear energy or even quickly sanitize your hands if a proper hand sanitizer is not available. You can use them as a non astringent toner to prepare your skin before your moisturizer to even out skin Ph (ideal in places with less than desirable water ) and throw it in your bag to refresh, revive and stay healthy throughout the day.” Some of Vincent’ favorites are Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Herb, Aloe and Rosewater and Rebels and Outlaws Potion.


Facial Spray with Herb, Aloe and Rosewater



Rebels and Outlaws Potion



Makeup Sticks Are Your BFF

Ever tried to put on liquid foundation when you’re in a train or car that’s moving a little too fast? It never ends well. That’s why celebrity makeup artist Kasey Adam Spickard suggests ditching messy liquid formulas and packing a few makeup sticks for your ride. Plus, many of them are multi-use, so you don’t have to haul half of a Sephora store in your makeup bag.


“Speed up your makeup routine by using one product on the entire face,” Spickard says. “Monochromatic makeup looks are super on trend right now so you can use the same product on your lips, cheeks, and eyes. I love Bite Beauty Mulitsticks and Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek.”





Lip + Cheek



Pack A Powder Puff

While the first obstacle is getting your makeup on, the second issue is keeping it intact throughout the day. That’s why Beauty Guru, Founder and CEO of Lunar Beauty Manny Gutierrez says packing a powder puff is perfect for mid-day touch ups. “Load up a powder puff with your favorite powder to touch yourself up throughout the day, without having to bring your makeup with you everywhere,” he says. “Just a little tip for on the go!”


Poudre Première Mat & Translucent-Finish Loose Powder



Velour Puff



Bring A Go-To Mascara

Not only is mascara one of the easiest products to apply on the go, but also makes a huge difference to your overall look in mere seconds. “Mascara is a must-have to make you look polished in a snap,” says Spickard. “For that you need a product that lengthens and volumizes without a ton of layers.” He recommends using the Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara.


KUSH High Volume Mascara



Don’t Forget About Your Hair!

When we’re all wrapped up in our makeup routines, we tend to forget about our hair. If you notice your hair is a little frizzy, pack a low-maintenance frizz tamer instead of a bottle of hairspray — you and everyone in your commute will thank you. Spickard’s favorite pick: the Ouai Anti-Frizz Sheets.


“The Ouai launched these new anti-frizz sheets which are a game changer,” he says. “They fit perfectly in a purse and smooth and tame unruly hair in a snap. You just swipe the sheet over your hair and you’re polished and ready for the day in under a minute!”


Anti Frizz Sheets


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