So You Want To Look Like Bella Hadid? Enter The Faux-Facelift

It’s 2019, and we love cosmetic enhancements. The onslaught of models and entertainers—even your friends—who’ve had a nip-and-tuck here or an injectable there is enough to send anyone over the edge, particularly when your bank balance does not allow for such aesthetic adjustments. Praise be, however, there is an alternative, and all you need for its execution is a hand (or two).


First noticed by the ever-observant creators of meme culture,  the pseudo face-lift or “headache-chic” has been growing in popularity among the Instagram’s most-followed and has now filtered down to the rest of us. It’s become so prevalent that not only Kendall Jenner partakes, but also does that girl you kind of remember from college who was once a dedicated disciple of the head-tilt-hand-fan. In case you need a clearer definition of the pose, it’s the process of pulling the skin at one’s temples or hairline so the cheeks, eyes, and eyebrows become taught.

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So, what are the benefits? First off, for those who want to widen their eyes without serving serial-killer-mugshot, this achieves just that (albeit, generally only for the eye you choose to stretch). Simultaneously, any visible wrinkle is smoothed, and the obstructive presence of the hand naturally slims the face. Essentially, with a single gesture, you’re enjoying all the benefits of cheek fillers, buckle removal (the fat deposits between the cheekbone and jaw), as well as an eyebrow lift. Subtle or overt, it’s foolproof—and much cheaper than the aforementioned procedures—perhaps why both models and mortals are repeat offenders (hi Kylie!), and here’s the evidence:

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Morning Matte Lipstick 💄 #NoSleep

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As exhibited, Kylie is a master of the leaning elbow, faux face-lift. It’s a little less obvious, implying that the image isn’t as heavily constructed and as such the move becomes more natural. Although, if you’re ready to fully commit, take notes from Kim.

Or Bella.

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Burnt in Greece dancing on film💃🏻

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Or Kendall.

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better talk nice

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Also Gigi.

And of course, Hailey.

Impressive. Approximately $25,000 worth or surgery and fillers in one fell swoop. Just ensure you always have a hand to spare, so you stay forever stretched.

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