How to Bring Back the Belt This Summer

To quote the Fresh Prince himself, “Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.” Our initial thoughts of the good ol’ summertime are always based around three main objectives: maxin’ & relaxing, summer Fridays, and an overall easy-breezy take on any and everything. Those thoughts don’t stray when sifting through our wardrobes during the sweltering months, looking for anything non-constrictive, an alleviation to the heat but still looks like we’ve put in the effort. Really, we’re all just looking for that “what are you wearing, where did you get that?” reaction, right?

In recent seasons, the inclusion of belts have been reiterated into our wardrobes like a scene out of an 80s film. Those thick belts, bum bags, small waists, and exaggerated shoulders that encompassed the 1980s, are ironically similar to the Anthony Vaccarello for Yves Saint Laurent design esthetic as of late. Correct us if we’re wrong, but the waistline trend doesn’t exactly scream effortless, so how is this trend taking over the fashion circuit? And how can it be incorporated into a less demanding wardrobe during the summer?

How to Bring Back the Belt This Summer 2The noughties beckoned the ‘belt,’ but in a new manner that was attainable to one’s everyday style, moving from the waist and down to the lower hips. The mid-drift was all the rage and who were you without your washboard abs and naval region on display accompanied by a bedazzled waist belt on for good measure? Everyone from your Britney’s to your Christina’s dawned this trend and little has changed since then. A revival of trend and counter-culture of decades past has emerged as we have entered the “Age of RE.”

Bringing the waistline trend full-circle, the inclusion of Gucci’s Marmont matelassé belt bag sent fashion bloggers’ into a craze as accentuating the waist has come back in full swing. Other designers, like Céline and Kenzo, have also used their Spring/Summer 2018 collections to partake in the obsession of all things belted.

Cinch that waist, darling! From belt bags to oversized corset-like belts, and the ultra skinny belt that acts as an accent to any look. It is a versatile accessory that stands the test of time, so why not try one on for size this summer?


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