7 Weird, Stylish Instagram Accounts We Can’t Stop Following

Social media can often feel like a giant dumpster fire filled with Twitter mobs, poorly targeted Instagram ads, and things that make you feel a general, amorphous sense of envy. And yet the world would be so much bleaker without the bizarre Amazon hidden gems of @fashionsecrets93 or the immersive, striking history of @thiswasfashion.


Similar to how Tumblrs used to shape certain aesthetics (shout out Vaporwave!) these accounts are like virtual galleries, curating themes that educate and inspire, whether it’s early-2000s pop culture history or the weirdest looks that hit the runway. Below, here are some of our favorite accounts to scroll through when the doldrums of 3 p.m. hit.


1. @decorhardcore—Berlin’s Ksenia Shestakovskaia curates “emotional furniture” that ranges from nostalgic to simply off-kilter design. From a sofa in the shape of a pig to a cheetah-print room, Decor Hardcore always evokes a mood from a place you don’t know if you’ve actually visited or just dreamt about.


2. @axdmagazine—@axdmagazine is an online visual fashion magazine featuring some of the most compelling runway looks. Maybe it’s Gareth Pugh’s plastic red trench coat or Barragán’s black leather pants with a scandalous butt cutout. The vibe of @axdmagazine is subtle, sensual, and intelligent couture.



3. @trashfashionshit–This account is for all the runway looks that have your mom and dad asking, “Who would WEAR that?!” The bodacious and freaky runway creations, from Heidi Lee’s multi-face Swarovski mask to Iris van Herpen’s Medusa-like platforms, are on full display.



4. @thiswasfashion—”Those who ignore history are doomed to wear it,” reads the bio for @thiswasfashion. Curated by Carla Valderrama, this account is just a pure (informative) delight. Because of the sheer accessibility, sometimes style inspiration can feel inundated with the same sorts of old Hollywood or 1940s Vogue images. This account is the antidote to that, with tight, interesting curation that positions a 1997 Aaliyah ad for Tommy Hilfiger alongside a 1950s Harper’s Bazaar editorial.


5. @voguexiconicAny account that posts The OC’s Summer and Marissa alongside Bambi and Tupac is a highly inspirational account to me.


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6. @mignonettetakespictures—If there’s one word to sum up @mignonettetakespictures, it’s romance. The person behind this account has a perfect eye for melted pastel candles, cloud-covered puffer coats, and turtles wearing bonnets.



7. @fashionsecrets93—Amazon *may* be evil in the eyes of many, but these trashy, glam finds are too good to pass up. Whether it’s a Von Dutch cap, gummy bear earrings, or teal lace gloves, stylist Keely Murphy digs up the best—and cheapest—treasures.

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