Did Beyoncé Really Buy a Church in New Orleans?

In perhaps a follow-up move to the very spiritual Lemonade, Beyoncé has reportedly bought a church in New Orleans. TMZ reports that “Queen Bey’s the new owner of a stone structured, 7,500 sq. ft house of God in The Big Easy. The New Orleans churchwhich is more than 100 years oldwas listed at $850,000 … but it’s unclear if she got a divine discount.”

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that the property in the city’s Garden District was bought for an undisclosed price by the Noble Jones Trust and signed for by Vernell Jackson Keys, a family friend of Beyoncé and the Knowles family. The Noble Jones Trust is a cleverly disguised name for the trust that also bought a house for Solange in New Orleans’s French Quarter.

The church is a beautiful, old stone structure built in the early 1900s, but it’s been unused as a place of worship for some time because of church members passing away. The church is close to where Beyoncé’s sister Solange lives. In May 2015, Beyoncé’s management company also bought a home just five blocks from the Camp Street church.

And this isn’t the first time Queen Bey and religion have come together. Last week, a church in San Francisco held their first Beyoncé mass at Grace Cathedral Church, an Episcopalian church, where hundreds of people danced and sang to Beyoncé songs. The worshippers were mostly people of color and the LGBT community. “The church hasn’t been the best about lifting up those voices,” Reverend Jude Harmon told a Broadly reporter, “Honestly, I think Beyoncé is a better theologian than many of the pastors and priests in our church today.”

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