This Designer Proves That Shoes Are In Fact Art

There is a very blurry line between art and fashion, one that is constantly being crossed over and pushed back against. Not all fashion is art, of course, but when it is, you know it. That’s where Chris Francis comes in. The artist/fashion designer has been creating bespoke shoes for three decades that prioritize flair over function no matter what. 


This month, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is presenting a show Francis’ work called “Form & Function: Shoe Art by Chris Francis,” at SCAD FASH: Museum of Fashion and Film at their Atlanta campus. The exhibition displays several different eras and styles of the artist’s work, ranging from the glam-punk platform boots worn by members of the Sex Pistols, to protest themed high heels. 

This Designer Proves That Shoes Can Be Art

The exhibition itself was an amalgamation of everything the university has to offer. At the opening, students packed the gallery excited to speak with Francis about how he melded his world of glam rock, and high fashion into an art exhibition. He walked them through talking about the days where he had to hand paint, highlighting the brush strokes on the shoes. He talked about how creating a pair of cement soled heels made him sick from breathing it in, but how that further amplified the inspiration behind them. SCAD is the only university to offer an M.F.A. in accessory design, making Francis’ work with the university that much more important for the students. 
This Designer Proves That Shoes Can Be Art 3
This Designer Proves That Shoes Can Be Art 2
“Form & Function: Shoe Art by Chris Francis,” is open to the public at SCAD’s Atlanta campus. 
Photos courtesy of SCAD

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