Did Miley Teach Billy Ray Cyrus About Fendi Sports Bras?

It’s everywhere. The sound of spring is newcomer Lil Nas X’s banjo and his southern-tinged melodic rapping, with “Old Town Roadshooting to the top of the Billboard charts with unprecedented velocity. It’s removal from the country charts caught the attention of country music veteran Billy Ray Cyrus, who jumped on a remix and contributed some, well, surprising updates.


If you’re a little confused, well, so are we. It’s common for male artists to address the fact they can buy what women want in their music—primarily, jewelry,  luxury purses. What they don’t often include is very specific items of clothing from specific labels. But not Billy Ray Cyrus.


“Baby’s gotta have her diamond rings and Fendi sports bra,” Ray Cyrus sings on the track, “riding down Rodeo with my Maserati sports car.”



The singer, who is now in his late 50s and not particularly known as a regular among the fashion set referenced one of the hottest brands of the moment that only recently experienced a resurgence. While it’s certainly in the league of luxury fashion houses Dior and Gucci, it has not been as ubiquitous until recently and certainly wouldn’t be the first port-of-call for a middle-aged country singer looking for a brand to reference.


All of this begs a very important question: Who taught Cyrus about Fendi? Or even the appropriation of sports bras as crop tops? Was it you, Miley? Moreover, how would Cyrus know Fendi sports bras are among the most covetable versions of the style on the market? Who has asked Cyrus for a Fendi sports bra? 


Alas, these are queries to which we may never have answers. Sometimes cases must remain unsolved—that’s just the way things are. But that doesn’t mean we can’t round up the best Fendi sports bras, to keep as open tabs until we drink enough to recklessly purchase, or find our own Billy Ray Cyrus with deep pockets and a penchant for women’s fashion. Let us pray, and check them out, below.


Roma stretch-jersey sports bra




Logo Bra Top




Black ‘Forever Fendi’ Sports Bra




Brown FFreedom Sports Bra


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