The Minimalist French Beauty Treatment Taking Over New York City

Picture your average facial. Now, picture it without the staple pieces: hot towels, warm water, and layers upon layers of skincare concoctions and elixirs. A stripped-down to the basics treatments might not seem like the greatest facial, but trust me: I’ve had a lot of facials (seriously, a lot), and this one triumphed all.



What is this miracle treatment, you may ask? It’s none other than one of the Biologique Recherche facials, which has become a favorite to every Soho-based influencer, celebrity estheticians like Joanna Czech, and even the COOLS office. In case you haven’t heard, the French-based brand is known for its high-power formulas that completely recharge your skin’s look and feel, and their best-selling (and extremely pungent) Lotion p50 is a staple to every fresh-faced starlet and major beauty editor’s skincare routine.


“A BR facial is unlike any other,” says Dovile Nisonova, esthetician at the highly praised Rob Peetoom Williamsburg studio. “Every single facial starts with a skin analysis to determine the client’s current skin condition, often with the help of SKIN INSTANT LAB technology. This allows the aesthetician to treat the skin with accuracy and precision, which leads to optimal results. Every facial is catered to the client’s specific needs. The BR facial approach uses cold water to soothe the skin, all products are fragrance-free, and all ingredients used are pure and potent that simply work like magic.”


Considering the fact that: a) you can’t buy Biologique Recherche anywhere but in a verified spa b) I was a Beauty Editor who hasn’t tried a single drop of Biologique Recherche products (pure blasphemy), I popped one of my CBD pills and hustled over to the Rob Peetoom studio to get the full luxury treatment.


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Commencez l’année sur une note positive avec une peau nette ! Le Lait VIP O2 de Biologique Recherche est un démaquillant d’exception qui élimine les impuretés accumulées sur la peau pendant la journée. Il est idéal pour les peaux citadines et les personnes exposées aux climats très secs. Ce démaquillant « anti-pollution » élimine les impuretés, apaise l'épiderme, illumine et uniformise le teint. Il oxygène la peau pour stimuler l’activité cellulaire et la nettoie en douceur. Le Lait VIP O2 est spécifiquement recommandé pour les Instants de Peau® stressés et dévitalisés. ~ Start the year positively with clear skin! Ideal for people living in cities and exposed to dry climates, the Lait VIP O2 from Biologique Recherche is a genuine make-up removal product that eliminates all pollutants accumulated on your skin tissue during the day. This "antipollution" cleanser eliminates impurities, calms the epidermis, brightens and unifies the complexion. The cream oxygenates the skin to stimulate cellular activity and gently cleans the skin. It is recommended for stressed, devitalized Skin Instants® #BuildingBetterSkin #FollowYourSkinInstant

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First off, the usual: a small chat with my facialist about my skincare routine (way too long to even list), my skin type (oily AF), and any of my skin-related concerns (hyperpigmentation, greasiness, dehydration—basically the works). Then she got to business with the “initialization stage,” solely with Biologique Recherche products: a deep cleanse with the Lait VIP O2 cleanser, an exfoliating treatment à la the famed P50 Lotion, and then a hydrating treatment with the Visolatine+ mask. She doused me head-to-decollete in product, and then gave me a soothing massage that felt nothing less than heavenly.


After the mask came the “treatment stage:” a double-layering of the Créme Elastine Marine and the Créme Dermopurifiante to soothe my irritated skin (the consequence from blindly throwing millions of products on my face daily) and give my complexion that extra moisturized, dewy glow. What felt like a full-day luxury treatment at the spa took no more than 30 minutes, and my skin felt buttery smooth to the touch—but not tacky and overly-doused in product. To put it simply, I felt good, and the most heart wrenching part was having to get up and leave.


Before I skipped out the door, my facialist gratefully gave me a few sample-sized products to keep up with my BR routine, which I have now used up to the very last drop (@Biologique: wanna hook a sis up?). So for now, I’m left to wallow back to my 12-step skincare routine, dreaming about the next time I will be graced with the magic that is this facial ever again.

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