Blake Lively Went All Cryptic on Instagram

In ture Serena Vanderwoodsen fashion, Blake Lively has gone off the grid. At least on Instagram, that is. Each of the many times Serena disappeared in Gossip Girl, she turned off her cell phone and left Manhattan. But Blake Lively had her own way of laying lowPeople reports that the actress posted a cryptic series of photos of a game of hangman, then deleted all of the photos from her account, and left her profile photo blank.

This might seem like a cry for help or a ransom message from a kidnapper, but not to worry kids. It seems that Lively is just teasing us for her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor. The mystery thriller gets its story from a book of the same title by Darcey Bell, about a vlogger (played by Anna Kendrick) trying to discover the truth behind the disappearance of her friend Emily, aka Blake Lively.

What does this movie have to do with Lively’s obscure Instagram behavior? The answer to the hangman game she broadcasted spelled out: “What happened to Emily?” Which is also now the only thing that her bio reads. Oh, and there’s more. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star unfollowed everyone (yes, even Ryan Reynolds) on her account and is now only following users named Emily Nelson, the same name as her character.

So yes, it does seem that Lively’s Serena-style disappearance is fueled by movie-teasing. And she really teasing us, because A Simple Favor doesn’t premier until September 14.

And now we’re all excited for this movie, right? Blake Lively’s Instagram antics are definitely more effective than a teaser-trailer, and a much cheaper marketing tactic. We might have to wait all summer before we can see her movie, but at least that gives us time to read the book first.

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