How To Create Spring’s Minimalist Lip Trend (Hint: It Only Takes 2 Steps)

Gone are the days of ultra-defined pouts, because the minimalist “blurred lip” trend emerged at Fashion Month in February and is officially taking over for spring.


“[The blurred lip] is a great way to wear a really strong lipstick without having this red carpet sophistication,” says Romero Jennings, celebrity makeup artist and Director of Makeup at MAC Cosmetics. “It’s more of a believable finish, and you get to do a more blurred version of the matte lip. It allows anyone to have the freedom to go beyond the traditional lip and to create something more modern and approachable. You can have more fun with it because it’s not supposed to be defined. That’s why I love it.”



And, as it turns out, creating this look is as low maintenance as it looks. According to Jennings, all you need is one lipstick to create this soft-blur finish—that’s right, no need for any mini liners, highlighters, or balms.


“Apply the lipstick with your finger, blur the edges with your finger or a Q-tip, and you’re done,” Jennings explains, noting you should use a matte lipstick, like from the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick collection, to give your lips a pigmented, muted effect. “[The look] is really fun because it’s really easy for anyone to do.”


A soft, romantic finish in just two simple steps? We’ll take it.


MAC Cosmetics

Powder Kiss Lipstick



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