Why You Should Break All the Styling Rules

We live in an age of fashion rules and guidelines: no white after Labor Day, don’t mix patterns, all colors must blend aesthetically. But aren’t all rules made to be broken? The most memorable trends stem from a risk-taking icon going against the grain and leaning into a fashion faux-pas, breaking age-old styling rules. Where would we be as a society if we never learned to embrace denim-on-denim?

So with that in mind, dare to delve into the untrod territories of clashing colors and mixing patterns. Wear whatever you want—just wear it well. If you play your cards right, you can become a trendsetter.

styling rules


Why don’t you try mixing patterns? Anchor the look with a classic denim jacket, as denim goes with just about everything and can add a grounded sense to whatever risky moves you take next.

Wear a patterned dress over patterned tights. To really mix things up, throw in a pair of printed pumps. Finish your avant-garde look with a brightly colored handbag, possibly one with textures and bright hardware to completely ensure your look’s unforgettable status.


Denim jacket

750$ $450


Lilu Plaid Dress

685$ $274


Broadway leather mini bag



Round-frame metal sunglasses



Iris Tights



Velvet G lurex pump


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