Britney Spears’ Best Instagram Runway Outfits, Ranked

It’s an undisputed fact that Britney Spears, former teen pop sensation, current living legend, is the true queen of Instagram. She may not be the most-followed (hats off, Ariana), but her content never fails to delight and surprise—no small feat when your audience is mostly comprised of jaded millennials.


So how does she do it? The glimpses into her life are certainly fascinating, her skits are always a good time, and we can even get behind a filtered singing vid—but none of this really keeps us coming back for more. No, no. What has us the most hooked are the runway videos. You know them well. Spears dons a new outfit (generally of the body-contouring variety) and does a little strut, her trademark jig/pirouette, gasps in shock, and walks off into the distance. We don’t know who shoots them. We don’t know who styles them. Heck, we don’t even know who she’s wearing. We can, however, be certain of one thing: They’re great fodder for outfit—and general life—inspiration.


But not all ensembles are created equal, and there some of Spears’ looks clearly beat out others. Here are some of her best Insta-runway outfits, ranked.

8. The pink bandage dress compilation 


Britney loves a triple threat: short, tight, and low-cut. Sometimes, she’ll also throw in a backless feature, and this dress really does it all. This hot pink number isn’t higher up the list merely because the footage is spliced with another outfit vid that doesn’t quite knock it out of the park: a white cropped tee, short shorts, and knee-high camel boots—not her best, but definitely deserves a mention.


7. Naughty and nice


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Spears hits a lot of marks here. She’s the business women, ready for the biweekly board meeting. She’s the prom queen. She’s the line dancing champion of ’02. She’s the naughty school girl with abs of steel. She’s the inspiration we need to get through today.


6. Mini dress angel 


Spears gives us three different looks here, each with a hemline flirtier than the last. The white the most timeless of the three, and one of the best outfits documented thus far. Truly serving.


5. Date night-chic 


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Option 1 or option 2? 👗 #ootd

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Spears certainly knows how to deliver sexy-sweet Valentine’ Day inspo. #OOTD who? These looks are outfits of the YEAR.

4. Who is she? A series


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Rebel just for kicks!!!!! 🤓🎀😎😉

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Spears’ most memorable video to date, she wears an impressive four different outfits to Portugal. One of the most feel-good compilations, she gives us a little of everything: sequins and tulle, satin and lace, velvet and spandex. #Blessed.

3. Smile like you mean it 


Spears’ inimitable strut with her head thrown back convulsing with laughter pushes this video to the top. The LBD is also one of her best.


2. Simply iconic


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It’s a Cyndi Lauper kind of day 😜

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Britney Spears just being Britney Spears is our favorite Britney Spears, thus, despite only showcasing one look, this clip’s simplicity is what makes it so special. The cut-out baby pink dress also looks amazing on the pop singer, and her beach waves really set the whole thing off.

1. The smorgasbord 


Spears is giving everything she’s got in this Instagram post, leaving little doubt as to why it should top the list. It has multiple locations, looks and moves. We see legs and stomach, chokers and pumps, florals and tulle. This is Britney Spears at her peak—who needs fashion week?





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