Behind The Brand: BY FAR

When Fendi brought back its famous Baguette bag, it made international headlines. But the move wasn’t unprecedented. One of the first designers to revive the trend was three-year-old Australian-European shoe brand BY FAR, a Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner favorite that is skyrocketing to stratospheric heights.


Behind the Brand: Enter the Bella Hadid-Approved BY FAR 4


Founded by twins Valentina Bezuhanova and Sabina Gyosheva along with the pair’s BFF Denitsa Bumbarova, the trio settled into their niche by designing the shoes they wanted but couldn’t find. It wasn’t long before BY FAR rose to cult status, drawing on inspiration from ’90s icons Caroline Kennedy and Sofia Coppola to inform their creative decisions. They’re delighted when I notice their attention to detail, or penchant for actively avoiding the roads well-traveled by other accessories companies. 


From their circular block heels (which would leave the likes of Jacquemus shaking) to cowboy-print sock boots and beyond, all are distinctly BY FAReach style is dramatically different and completely cohesive with the company’s vision at the same time.


Below, the brains behind the brand talk big names, must-haves, and what the footwear industry is still missing.


Behind the Brand: Enter the Bella Hadid-Approved BY FAR 2How has BY FAR evolved since its inception?

“Initially, we created a shoe line that was basic, soft, and extremely comfortable. Now, we’re going crazy with colors and textures and pushing the boundaries of the BY FAR design without compromising our core value of comfort and without overpowering the BY FAR girl.”


The strappy sandal is back. Tell me about the BY FAR’s approach to keeping up with trends.

“Barely-there sandals are definitely back and they’re here to stay! Inspired by the minimalist spirit of the late ’90s, their design was a daring bet that ended up selling out less than two weeks after they was first launched. The style is an It-girl favorite, and fans include Bella Hadid. BY FAR is driven by our current obsessions and guided by what would feel comfortable from day to night.”


Is there a particular style you’re most proud of? 

“If we had to choose one, it would be the Rachel bag since we were the first to re-introduce the baguette. Rachel was born after a binge-watching session and embodies the comeback of the baguette bag, a style that was iconic in the ’90s but was lost in recent years. Cute, easy to wear, and small yet surprisingly spacious, it’s one of our best selling pieces (and one that Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been obsessively wearing since it first launched last winter).”


Behind the Brand: Enter the Bella Hadid-Approved BY FAR


What shoe is a must for every closet, particularly this season?

“The perfect ankle boots are a must-have no matter the season. Our Sofia boots are crafted from butter-soft leather and have a sock-like fit. They’re set on a sturdy block heel so you can comfortably wear them all day. Another item that we’ll see every girl wearing this season is the Mini bagwe’ve created them in so many fun colors that bring joy to any outfit. It’s the perfect ‘only-essentials’ kind-of bagit fits your credit card, keys, lipstick, and phone.”


The brand is known for its unique details, like heel shapes. Walk me through the design process.

“We believe that each heel has personality and evokes a certain feeling. You can have a very basic upper, but once you combine it with a very special heel, that’s when the magic happens. All of our heels are custom-made, and I’m so happy to hear that you’ve noticed that.”


Behind the Brand: Enter the Bella Hadid-Approved BY FAR 1


What do you think the shoe industry needs more or less of?

“It definitely needs more female designers and entrepreneurs that understand the modern women. They know how it feels, they can understand our everyday life, and they understand the expectations that the current client has.”


On that note, how would you describe the BY FAR woman?

“We have a vision of who the BY FAR girl is: She’s independent with a sense of humor, but most of all, she’s intelligent. She’s the kind of woman who wears her outfit, not the other way around.”


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