Give Your Skin A Wake-Up Call With This Trending Ingredient

In the morning, there’s two things we all need to get ready for the day: our refreshing skincare regimens, and of course, a good ol’ cup of coffee. But, why not fuse both into your A.M. routine? No, I’m not talking about drinking your skincare (but, don’t we all wish we could?) — instead, it’s time to start putting some revitalizing caffeine onto your skin.


though caffeine is known for its mentally awakening powers, Dr. Michele Green, board certified dermatologist and contributor on, notes that this ingredient is actually a great addition to your skincare routine. “Over the years, coffee has been making headlines in skincare,” she says. “Not only is our morning cup of joe great for boosting energy, coffee is packed with phenols and antioxidants.”


So, what can these components do for your complexion? According to Dr. Green, they can help the skin combat a plethora of issues, including free radical damage. “The caffeine in coffee can be found in face creams, body creams and scrubs,” she says. “In body creams and scrubs caffeine can improve cellulite. The caffeine dilates the blood vessels below the epidermis which improves blood flow and reduces the appearance of cellulite. In facial creams caffeine is know to reduce redness, inflammation and overtime diminish the appearance of sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles.”


So, ready to put the coffee mug down and start slathering your caffeine on your skin? Then check out Dr. Green’s essential caffeine-infused skincare picks, below:


The Body Shop Spa Of The World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream

The Body Shop

Spa Of The World Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream



Skin looking dull and tired? This cream will give your complexion the head-to-toe wake up call it’s begging for. It’s infused with Ethiopian green coffee to jolt your skin awake, creating a firmer and smoother finish — without a sticky, tacky feeling throughout the day.


100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

100% Pure

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream



One of the most delicate parts of your skin is under your eyes, so of course you have to show it some extra TLC. If you’re suffering from sagging, dark circles, or puffiness under your eyes, then try reaching for this rejuvenating eye cream. It’s packed with caffeine from coffee and green tea to give your undereyes a much-needed boost. The results: a firmer, livelier look.


MG Skinlabs Neck Renew

MG Skinlabs

Neck Renew Skin Rejuvenation Cream



PSA: your neck needs a skincare routine, too. So, of course you’re going to need the usual: cleanse, serum, and of course, moisturize. To keep your neck firm and tight, try using this caffeine-infused moisturizer daily (your skin will thank you for it). 


The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

The Ordinary

Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG



For a no b.s. take on your caffeinated skincare, reach for this serum. Not only is it less than $10, but it’s filled with caffeine (plus a dash of green tea catechin, an antioxidant) to give your skin solace from any hyperpigmentation of inflammation.

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