In Studio With Ultracool Designer, Kim Shui

“Less is more” are three words that would never grace Kim Shui’s lips. The rising talent is one of the fresh designers flooding insta-feeds and it-girl wardrobes alike. Scan her collection and you’ll find an explosion of color, fabrications, textures and embellishments. A black vinyl trench trimmed in teal feathers and leopard pockets, and a camo skirt bedazzled with glitter patchwork and red python are examples of the outré pieces created under her eccentric vision.  In Kim’s world anything goes; she’ll pair ethereal lace with pierced leather pants, or a create a wraparound mini reeling from denim to canary snakeskin to orange marabou. In her words, “I love exploring dichotomies within each piece. Mixing soft and feminine with hard and tough. Things that could clash, but end up working together in an unexpected way.”

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