Celine Dion Had A Bizarrely Passionate Moment With Katy Perry’s Burger

Self-proclaimed vegetarian Katy Pery dressed in a burger costume for the second half of the 2019 Met Gala. Why? Because she’s *I’m so random* Katy Perry, and of course she did. A video caught the singer in the bathroom standing in a green lettuce dress completely embarrassed being seen without her bun. She immediately jumps in the ensemble as JLo walks by, unfazed by the debacle in front of her.


The burger (unclear if its meat or veggie, though Katy apparently prefers the Impossible Burger) came complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and some sort of cheese. Her sneakers were matching little sliders that she designed for her eponymous shoe collection. And no shock here, you can purchase them for $129. 


While the look itself was enough to warrant a full breakdown, the celebrity reaction sealed the proverbial deal. After Jlo’s composed response, we saw Celine Dion completely taken (or possibly she was just hungry) by Perry’s choice. She walked up to her outside of the event kissed her on the lips, and gripped the burger bun with passion. It was hands down (er, hands on?), the most unhinged moment of one of the most bizarre Met Galas ever.

Katy Perry Hamburger

Katy Perry Hamburger 1

Is a burger a completely unreasonable choice of attire for a party like this? Sure. But am I happy it happened? Absolutely.

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