Chanel’s Iconic Micro-Bikini Is Available For 72-Hour Rental

The iconic Chanel micro bikini moment heard around the world in 1995 recently made its way into the 21st century when Kim Kardashian West posted an up-close photo of herself wearing it on Instagram. The famous swimsuit is merely two nipple covers, adorned with interlocking Chanel C’s, attached with black string. Très Kardashian.


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Chanel vintage, lets please be specific

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On April 4, the famous two-piece solidified its spot as the ultimate throwback piece when vintage resale site El Cycler listed it for rental—but only for 72 hours at a time. You really can only wear a statement piece like that once, I guess? And because “doing it for the ‘gram” rules the world, we’re betting we’ll see this piece pop up in a bunch of different places in the next few months… hygienic or not. Looking into our crystal ball of social media predictions, we came up with a few places you’re likely to spot this look (if you can even call it that).

Chanel's Iconic Mirco-Bikini Is Available For 72-Hour Rental

1. Coachella: It’s the dessert, there are models everywhere, and everyone is trying to have a *moment.* So what’s more attention grabbing and fabric-free in the heat than a glorified nipple cover? The only concern? Awkward tan lines.


2. Cannes Film Festival “Time-Off” Pictures: This festival is in France, so its not like you need a top on the beach anyway. But, we can almost guarantee someone will absolutely decorate their topless moment with a little Chanel.


3. Chiara Ferragni’s Instagram: This is just inevitable. If there’s a high-fashion trend on Instagram, Ferragni already went there.


4. The Revolve Hamptons House: The exclusive summer party that hosts every cis white influencer model on the planet will definitely see this bikini poolside. Got an invite? Throw on ripped diaper denim and this bikini top and you’re sure to be all over the Instagram explore page.


5. Diet Prada: You know someone is about to copy this style and Diet Prada is definitely going to catch it.  Prepare for a side-by-side moment on their feed.

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