Charles Jeffrey Can Now Be Found In Your Underwear Drawer

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and his frenetic utopian nightlife world can now be found in your underwear drawer (isn’t that the place for it to be anyway?). The London designer has teamed up with Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg to design a six-piece collection of men’s underwear printed with Jeffrey’s wild, squiggly illustrations.


The illustrations are titled Scream, Squiggle, and Squirm, and are available on the boxers as all-over prints or just around the waistband. “I have a real fondness for good underwear, it says so much about you,” Jeffrey said about the collection. “The collection is about being authentic and bold, thus the Bjorn Borg line is laced with my drawings.”


Released alongside the collection is a campaign shot by Dexter Lander and modeled by Jeffrey’s friends such as Gigi Hari.  



“It almost happened by accident, but while on set we started realizing that what we were building was a kind of mash-up of some of the visual cues of eccentric Britishness that I love the most: Culture Club, The Mighty Boosh, a bit of David Bowie,” Jeffrey told Another Man. “What ties them all together is color, a sense of performance, a dispensing with gender norms. It’s a lot of things I loveremixed.”


You can shop Björn Borg x Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY at Selfridges and Björn Borg now.

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