You Can Now Shop Chloë Sevigny’s Closet

Most celebrities selling their clothes would elicit a “meh” from me, to be honest. Fame doesn’t guarantee good taste, unless you are one of a select few celebrities who also double as fashion icons. Chloë Sevigny is one of those people, and her announcement that she has a collection of her clothes up for sale on The RealReal set social media abuzz.

Announced via her Instagram, Sevigny invited us to shop her closet, saying that a portion of proceeds would be benefitting the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a social services organization for LGBTQ youth. Many of the items have already sold (no big surprise), but there are still plenty left. Sevigny-worn pieces that can still be yours: an Agent Provocateur slip dress, an Acne studios shearling jacket, a Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons Mona Lisa bag, and Yves Saint Laurent platform cage shoes.

In an interview with The RealReal, the actress says, “My heart lies in vintage and designer consignment. I think sites like The RealReal are very important in helping people satisfy that urge without more waste, which is unfortunately such an industry-wide problem.” We also learned from the interview that she occasionally has to “unfollow a slew of fashion accounts cause they do my head in.” (We feel you, Chloe!)

The pieces for sale are also pretty reasonably priced, with prices starting at £46 ($65). Sevigny’s archive was teased back in 2016 when stylist Haley Wollens Instagrammed a photo of Sevigny between racks of clothes, posed with bunny ears from 1997 Harmony Korine film Gummo. It was captioned with, “SAVE YOUR LUNCH MONEY, KIDS. Something very major is happening soon in NYC.”

While that seemingly fell by the wayside, Sevigny has talked in interviews about still having many of her clothes from high school in the late ‘80s. She told Jimmy Choo, “I have an extensive archive in Connecticut…I sometimes unearth things like a pair of jeans, or a sweater, T-shirt or boots, and cycle them back into my everyday wardrobe.”

May there be more to come from Chloe Sevigny’s closet! In the meantime, shop The RealReal archive here.

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