Coming in Clutch: The Tiny Statement Bag, Upgraded

When it comes to bags, I’m not a fan of the phrase “bigger is better.” While giant totes à la Mary Poppins can be useful for having half of your apartment at-hand, they’re usually very clunky, cause dreaded shoulder pains and aches, and are the absolute worst for a night out. I believe that there’s a time and a place for these large bags, and the club or a dinner date are definitely not one of those times. If you have anything major coming up, reach for this teeny reliable purse: the envelope clutch.


Envelope Clutches: The Small Statement Purse


Coming in Clutch: The Tiny Statement Bag, Upgraded 1



For more elegant occasions, the last thing you want to tote around is a big, bulky bag. That’s why you should stick to the slimmer envelope clutch. These sleek and stylish pieces are perfect for storing essentials, and while they aren’t as spacious as your handy Longchamp Le PiIage, they’re definitely more elegant.


Clutches have a bad rep for limiting space, but think about it: why on earth would you need oversized makeup bags, a plethora of expired coupons, and all the other nonsense that lingers in your larger purses? If you’re stepping out for the night, all you need are your essentials: phone, keys, wallet, and an emergency lipstick (plus the occasional tampons). That may seem like a lot, but the right envelope clutch can easily stow away your necessities without playing Tetris in your bag all night.


If you’re anything like me, then you’d much rather keep your nonsense at home and stick tot he absolute basics. But for those of you who wouldn’t dare leave their house without half of your vanity at hand, I have news for you: clutches don’t have to be limiting. Contrary to popular belief, a clutch doesn’t have to be micro-sized, and there are tons of wider-set options for your to choose from.


See for yourself: this large envelope clutch from Valentino Garavani is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s roomy enough to keep all of your items in order, and even has a small area to safely tuck in your credit cards. You can even store your tablet in there to get some work done (or watch some movies) while you’re on the go. The studded outline also gives this clutch some attitude, making it a stand-out piece that every girl at COOLS approves of.



Large Rockstud Leather Pouch -



Has this purse caught your eye? Then get ready to take a peek at some of the best envelope clutches of the season. These clutches are slim and petite, but still have room to actually keep all of your belongings in order. They’re also far from the mundane, overtly mature styles that tend to plague these tiny purses.


So go ahead, splurge on this newest essential (or opt for some of our favorite budget-friendly picks!) — we bet that you’ll like what you see.


Minimal size, maximum style: grab these envelope clutches before they’re gone.


Paint It Black



Voltaire Large Envelope Leather Clutch - Black



If you want a simple, no-nonsense style, then this clutch from ALLSAINTS is your go-to clutch. It’s crafted from pebbled leather, and stays sleek and small in design. While it’s not the widest bag on this list, it makes up for its slender width through the ultra-elongated body, truly resembling an actual envelope. And if all you’re toting for the evening are a few cards and your phone, you can easily slip them into the small wallet within the bag, or toss it and stick to the leather shell.


All That Glitters



'Leo' Envelope Clutch - Metallic



Hitting the club tonight? Then grab this sparkly number from Rebecca Minkoff. It may be small, but the multicolored glitter effect and zipper teeth lining makes this piece a major head-turner. It;s glitzy, glam, and everything we want to embody when we have a big night planned. This bag may seem slender, but it’s one of the bigger clutches you’ll find, so you can store everything you need (plus a few other items) into it effortlessly. This clutch is obviously a statement piece, so use it to instantly glam up any if your more simplistic outfits (think black bodycon dresses or simple bodysuits with skinny jeans).


Get A Grip



Paris Nights Vegan Leather Clutch - Red



One of the downsides to a few clutches are that there are no straps or handles, making you walk around with one full hand all night long. That’s when you cue in this avant garde clutch from Urban Originals. This piece is given a unique touch through the slanted, rounded opening flap, putting a modern spin on this timeless purse. And unlike other clutches, it has a small but striking detail: the handle. It’s large metal ring is perfect for gripping while you’re on the go, all while adding a polished finish to this cool clutch.


White Out



Embroidery Envelope Clutch Bag -

$58 $40.6


For a more elegant evening, use this dainty clutch. It as an angelic feel to it through the delicate feather detail and clear beaded embroidery, but it’s given a small contemporary touch through the silver hardware that descents along the lining. This is one of the more slimmer options on this list, to keep your essentials to a minimum when using this clutch. And if you’d rather walk around hands-free, the clutch also contains an optional silver chain shoulder strap.


Just Peachy



Medium Curl Leather Clutch

$995 $499.99


This is inarguably one of the most striking clutches I’ve ever laid my eyes upon, and I can honestly say I’m in love with it. This clutch is not only unique in style, but is also perfect for those of you who need some extra space. It has an accordion-like body, adding some much-needed breathing room for your necessities. But, the real winner here is the design: the peach color is perfect for anytime of the year, and the top wave adds originality that can’t be found in other clutches. The marbled clasp ties this purse’s cool style and luxurious feel together, creating the clutch that everybody wants to get their hands on


Straps & All



Leather Envelope Clutch -



Let’s be real for a second: carrying around a clutch can get pretty annoying. That’s why we’re loving this sleek black leather clutch from Victoria Beckham: it has a thin black strap, so you can customize this versatile bag to your mood and choosing. Create a cross body look, or tuck it in for a classic clutch look.


Metallic Maven



Leo Mirror Metallic Envelope Clutch - Metallic



Donned with the same zipper lining as it’s glitzy cohort, this Rebecca Minkoff bag shines bright through it’s metallic silver finish. It has a slightly more toned-down appearance from it’s predecessor, but still has a lively attitude. The silver holographic finish complimented by the zipper lining creates an edgier look that takes on an attitude of its own. The large body of this bag also allows you to stick in whatever you desire, so feel free to flood it with your cosmetics and accessories.

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