Francisco Costa Is Making Clean Beauty Cool

With unicorn hues and pungent rose scents flooding our makeup bags, beauty has gotten…pretty extra. But, designer Francisco Costa is here to bring the industry back to its roots with his latest venture, Costa Brazil.


In his first move since leaving his role as Womenswear Director at Calvin Klein (a position he held for 14 years), Costa is entering the world of sustainable beauty with a range of products made from all-natural ingredients harvested from the depths of Brazilian rainforestsall encapsulated in aesthetically pleasing glasses and metallic tins (that are also recyclable!). Think of it as clean beauty, with a much needed makeover (or perhaps, makeunder).


“[Costa Brazil] is a brand that welcomes everyone,” Costa told Vogue of the line. “There’s no age limit. It’s unisex. It’s genderless. It speaks of the world in the best way—respectfully.”



Currently, the collection consists of everything you would ever need to enhance your self-care ritual: candles, a refining body oil, and an enticing “Aromatic Oleoresin.” Buy it now exclusively on Costa Brazil’s website.

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