A ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Sequel Is Already in Development

Crazy Rich Asians opened at number one just last week, and there’s already a sequel in development, according to The New York Times. Warner Bros. confirmed plans Wednesday that the sequel of the highly successful movie will be directed by the original film’s director Jon M. Chu.

The sequel will be based on China Rich Girlfriend, the second novel of Kevin Kwan’s hit series. The Times reports that the sequel could take some time to happen because Chu will be directing an adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical “In the Heights,” which is slated to be released in summer 2020.

China Rich Girlfriend will reunite not only Chu, but also Crazy Rich Asians’ producers and writers. Deadline reports that the stars of the film — Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Michelle Yeoh — all will have options for the sequel.

It was likely the fact that Crazy Rich Asians made back its $30 million budget in ticket sales in less than a week that sold Warner Bros. on announcing the possible sequel so quickly. The $25.2 million made during the film’s opening weekend is the best opening for a PG-13 romantic comedy in six years.

As The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, the final moments of Crazy Rich Asians set the stage for a sequel, with a mid-credits scene a la Marvel that teased the next installment. China Rich Girlfriend will see leading characters Nick and Rachel looking for her lost father in China. 




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