Style Made Simple: Easy Hairstyles For Every Minimalist

The power of hair is truly underestimated. Cute hairstyles can make or break your style, even if you’re wearing the hottest off-the-runway couture money can by. Think about it: some of the most iconic looks of history were tied together with a gorgeous mane of hair. Would Marilyn Monroe be the legend she is today without her bombshell-blonde curls? Maybe, but it’s pretty hard to picture without them.


That being said, the most striking cute hairstyles don’t have to be difficult. Look at some of our biggest hair staples: the classic French braid, ponytails, and loose curls are all hairstyles that have been thriving for decades through their simplicity and versatility. As cool and eccentric as a beehive or multi-braided style is, we’re not about to go the extra mile in the time of good hair.


How To Find a Simple Hairstyle for You


A simple hairstyle can mean a whole world to things: whether you want to find a refreshing 3-strand braid to create or go for a low-maintenance cut, there are a billion of options online that can get hard to choose from. But, with these three pointers, you can figure out in seconds if a hairstyle will make the cut for your aesthetic or fall flat.


1) Know your face shape.

First off, if you don’t know your face shape by now, take a long look in the mirror and figure it out. Your hairstyle and your face shape go hand in hand, so when determining your new simple style, always made sure it’s complementary to the contour and angles of your face. For example, micro bangs may work on oval face shapes, but heart-shaped frames must tread this area with caution. Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to figure out your face shape — just check out an easy face shape-detecting app to determine your face’s natural angles.


2) Remember to keep your hair type in consideration.

What works for curly hair may fall flat for straighter hair types. Figuring out a hairstyle that works with your hair type can shave off minutes (even a full hour!) when it comes to styling your hair. Instead of flattening your luscious curls with a straightener, find a way to incorporate them into a voluminous hairdo. There are endless opportunities for each hair type, it’s just about trial and error.


3) Hair length is also important to think about.

While longer hair types can craft up a ballerina bun in seconds, shorter types may need some extra assistance — and extensions. And the same goes to lengthy locks that want to try out a curled faux-bob. Before diving into a new hairstyle, always think about whether you have the ideal length for creating it.


Now that we’ve covered the three golden rules to finding a cute, simple hairstyle, it’s time to unveil fall’s hottest looks. If you’re having some trouble with styling, then give one of these popular hairstyles a try. Many of these are universal to everyone’s face shape, hair type, and length, so feel free to give your hair a major upgrade with these hot styles.


Turn over a new leaf with your tresses by mastering these cute hairstyles.


Sleek Ponytail


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A sleek and sexy ponytail is always a fitting hairstyle for any season. Turn your tresses into dagger-straight strands by whipping out your straightener and getting to work. Then simply tie it into a high ponytail, and you’ll be left with a look that screams “Eat your heart out, Ariana Grande.” It’s an easy look, but for curlier hair types straightening hair can be extremely time consuming.


Well, that was the case before IGK’s Good Behavior Protein Spray came around. This heat-activated hair spray is like a keratin treatment in a can: all you do is spritz your hair, whip out your favorite straightener, and be amazed at how swiftly your hair straightens. It makes straightening hair — or just giving your tresses a fortifying protein boost — ridiculously easier, faster, and more manageable.



Good Behavior Protein Smoothing Spray - Assorted at Urban Outfitters



Natural Curls


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If you’ve been blessed by the hair gods with beautiful coils, why hide them behind straighteners, and blow-outs? Instead, rock your natural hair and be proud of your curly Q’s. When it comes to curls, we’re all about the “bigger is better” method, and natural curls have the best way of embodying that attitude. They’re perfect the way they are, all you need is a cool hair accessory or headband like above to give them a polished finish.


If frizz is your concern, then let me start off by saying “same.” But, you don’t have to dowse your hair in anti-frizz products to keep frizziness at bay. Simply reach for this handy curl-enhancer: the R+Co Twister Curl Primer. It’s packed with moisturizing aloe to hydrate and condition your hair, leaving it softer and less prone to any frizziness throughout the day. Plus, this lightweight formula won’t weigh down your curls with a heavy residual feel, making it a clear winner for all curly headed ladies.



Twister Curl Primer



Messy Bun


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When in doubt, always go for the messy bun. It’s tussled and perfectly imperfect, making it the easiest style you could ever choose from. And while it’s easy to create, it goes hard on style, giving you a fuller, more voluminous look.


While some of you were gifted full and thick locks, a few of us are left in the dust with ultra-thin strands that won’t seem to give off that full-body effect in a bun. If you’re having some volumizing troubles, here’s a quick tip: spritz your hair with some volumizing spray before putting it in a messy bun. My favorite pick: the Ouai Haircare Volumizing Hair Spray. It gives your strands that added boost they need for a volumized finish, without leaving your hair with an unwanted crunchy texture.



Volumizing Hair Spray 4.8 oz/ 137 g



Side Braid


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If you’re anything like me, then braiding is definitely not your forte. So, give yourself some practice while creating a quick and easy hairstyle by crafting a small side braid. If you can’t weave in a braid like the above photo, simply create a small 3-strand braid and pin it onto the side of your head with bobby pins.


When it comes to more intricate styles, hairspray is your best friend. But, you need something that will work with you instead of stiffening up and going against you. Enter: the Oribe Free Styler Working Hairspray. This ultra lightweight hairspray will allow you to spritz as you please while you’re styling your hair away.



Free Styler Working Hairspray, 300ml - Colorless



Twist With Loose Waves


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Adding a twist to your loose waves will create a small detail with major impact. And it’s so easy to create: simply twist a small section from from each side of the front of your face, wrap each section around the back of your head, then pin them where they meet.


For bouncier, fuller waves, always use a curl mousse when styling. The Oribe Curl Shaping Mousse is the perfect pick for it’s volumizing, defining formula that won’t stick or stiffen your strands. Fuller, softer waves? We’ll take it.



Curl Shaping Mousse



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