David Beckham Shares His Thoughts On Bronzer And Facial Hair

In a Top Shelf interview with Into The Gloss, David Beckham discusses his new skincare line, House 99, among other things. “My approach to grooming was always to steal my wife’s products. That was kind of it, really,” Beckham tells ITG, adding, “Now I have a face wash, I have a mask, a scrub. And it’s so much more acceptable—guys find it much more natural to talk about their products that they use, and what they do to look after their skin and their hair, and the way they want to look. I’m very excited about that.”



Further into the interview, Beckham recounts his many past hairstyles including the gelled “spike” look, a Mohawk, and a questionable cornrow look, which Beckham admits “was pushing it a little bit.” He also goes on to discuss the one hairstyle his dear “mum” wouldn’t let him have. “She wouldn’t let me get a perm.”


With a public-facing career like Beckham’s, one might assume he’s an old pro at skincare routines, but not so. “The first time I did a mask was pretty recently, actually. I tried the Tom Ford clay one, and I really like it.” He also notes the importance of moisturizing in the morning and “a few more times throughout the day” to maintain his youthful mug. But, at the same time, he’s  not trying to turn back time altogether: “I was getting more gray hairs than obviously I was five years ago, but it’s just a natural progression, you know? I’m not going to dye my hair and hide them, because I think I actually quite like it.”


Beckham, a beacon of masculinity for many, supports the idea of guys using bronzer and tinted moisturizers. “There’s nothing wrong with having a moisturizer that has a certain amount of tint in it,” he said, adding that he will be releasing one under House 99 in 2019. As for grooming, the retired soccer player maintains a pretty standard facial hair situation. “As far as I can remember, I’ve always had some kind of stubble,” he said. “I think the last time I razor shaved was about 15 years ago—my son Brooklyn was four years old, and I razor shaved when we were in the south of France on holiday. I came out the bathroom, and he literally burst into tears because I shaved my moustache and my goatee.” Well, that settles that.

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