Denim Shorts In Different Ways To Inspire Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is here, which means we are so excited to finally show our legs. After a much needed leg shave, I can finally say that I have put away all of my winter pants and put on the shorts I’ve been planning on wearing for months now. Since we are still under a strict ‘stay at home policy,’ this leaves room for even the most comfortable jorts. And if you didn’t know it before, jorts stands for jean shorts. LOL.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of jean shorts. They are definitely an essential wardrobe staple that every closet should have. They go perfectly with any type of top, come in every form, and look good on every single body type. 


Anyways, summer means wearing less clothes, even though most people are probably already doing that in the comfort of their own home. Because we are unsure of what the future holds, and we get inspired by the world around us, we decided to ask some of our favorite fashion girls for some inspiration on how they style their favorite pairs of jean shorts. Their responses were way better than we expected and we’ve never been more ready to enter the world again, full legs shown. 



Sculpting Bermuda Jean Shorts – White Fashion (16)



Pierced-Side Jean Shorts in Black



bandana print jean shorts – Blue



80s skinny denim shorts



Romeo Rolled Cutoff Denim Shorts



Gemma Mid-Rise Frayed Hem Denim Shorts



Stubborn Leopard Shorts



White 90s Mid-Rise Loose Jean Shorts



Flip Fold-over Denim Shorts – Womens – Grey


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