The Masterminds Behind Diet Prada Reveal Themselves

Unless you are a total luddite, there’s a good chance you have stumbled across the highly entertaining Instagram account @DietPrada. For the uninitiated, Diet Prada skewers different brands and designers for their acts of fashion plagiarism, which includes everything from co-opting design ideas to straight up copying old photoshoots.

Since it began almost 4 years ago, the account has served as an industry watchdog and has amassed a sizable following along the way. With fame (and followers), usually comes enemies, and Diet Prada is no exception to that rule. Dolce & Gabbana and J.W. Anderson are among the brands who have blocked Diet Prada for their commentary.

The account has been anonymously moderated for that very reason. Back in November, The Fashion Law exclusively broke the news that Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler, two NYC fashion professionals, were the masterminds behind Diet Prada. Liu, who runs his own brand, You As, was called out by TFL for his own instances of appropriationhow meta. 

The two social media geniuses have finally unmasked themselves to the Business of Fashion’s Lauren Sherman to discuss the future of DP. 

The duo delve into their reasons behind starting the account, which they say were originally just a fun way to poke at all of the inherent copying that happens in the fashion industry.

And they have a point. Many designer’s, photographer’s, stylist’s et al will eventually recreate a piece of work that they’ve seen in the past. It’s impossible for one’s creative references to not become muddled, leaving little room for true innovation.

Now that Liu and Schuyler have “unmasked” themselves, they plan to turn Diet Prada into a full-fledged business. Expect to see many more cheeky t-shirts for sale in the coming months.

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