A New Campaign Wants to Help Young Women Take Over the World

Does the idea of learning the ins and outs of financial freedom from the likes of Dita Von Teese, Arianna Huffington, Girls Who Code’s Reshma Saujani, and more — in a MALL no less — sound like a dream? Yes, yes it does. And it’s about to hopefully be a reality this summer, thanks to a new campaign from Irregular Labs.

Irregular Labs, a think tank dedicated to supporting the ideas and insight of girls and gender nonconforming Gen Zs, just launched a Kickstarter for Dolla Dolla World, a “free financial literacy and professional development brand built with and made for the next generation of women.” Their goal is to provide something that’s often lacking: comprehensive economic education for girls and women. This contributes to a statistic cited on their Kickstarter page: By 2020, U.S. women will control over two-thirds of the nation’s wealth yet only 12% of girls feel confident in their financial skills.

If funded, Dolla Dolla World will launch a pop-up in New York City for three months this summer to provide free, open-to-all panels, one-on-one consulting, job fairs, and more — and some spirit-building karaoke, of course. This summer’s pop-up will serve as a test of sorts to take the program on the road with pop-ups in malls around the country. Outside of financial literacy basics, such as building credit, budgeting, taxes, and more, other less traditional programming will be offered: running a successful Depop shop, surviving as a freelancer, and building a brand.

Following your dreams is a platitude often espoused to Gen Zs and millennials, but so often we don’t learn the actual framework and technical skills to make that dream happen. Dolla Dolla World understands that it’s about education — but it’s also about achieving economic independence and being able to make money on your own terms.

Learn more about Irregular Labs here.

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