An Editor-Turned-Entrepreneur’s Secret To Looking Put Together

Very few moments in the day are as bare as the moment you wake up. We each have our own kinks and quirks that help us get out of bed, but few of us are brave enough to share them with the world. Introducing A Cool Morning, a deep dive into the intimate daytime rituals of our coolest friends and beauty innovators.


There are few people in the world as well-versed in beauty than a beauty editor. That’s why we’re putting our hands in the power of Eleanor Langston, former beauty editor of major magazines like Cosmopolitan, Self, and Fitness, current owner of chic Soho nail studio, Paintbox.


Paintbox has its finger on the pulse of every new nail trend you can think of. But this isn’t your average French manicure: These nail artists are skilled in the trades of negative space, geometric shapes, and more over-the-top designs.


But, what does this beauty veteran’s own routine look like? Below, we take a deep dive into how Langston gets ready each morning.


An Editor-Turned-Entrepreneur's Secret To Looking Put Together


What’s the first thing you do every morning?

I hug my husband, cuddle with my two boys, and then pour a cup of STRONG black coffee.


Do you have a morning workout routine?

I usually do New York Pilates on weekends (in New York and my fave, Montauk) in the a.m. Otherwise, I work out by walking a ton or taking New York Pilates on Howard Street in the early evening. I get the most energy at night, so that works for me!


Shower at-night, morning, or both?

Nightalways! My hair is super thick, so letting my hair air-dry overnight is key to saving time. Then, I just go back in the morning to smooth out waves with my one-inch T3 curling iron.


Daily alarm time? How many times do you hit snooze?

My two boys (six and three) always wake me up between 6 and 7 a.m. I haven’t set an alarm in years except for early travel.


If you’re running late, what’s the one thing you have to do?

Brows! I fill them in with a medium brown pencil from Benefit—it makes a world of difference. Defined brows are truly the secret to looking put together.



Favorite breakfast?

Usually, I have oatmeal with walnuts and raspberries. If I have more time, I love scrambled eggs, avocado, cheddar, and jalapeños in a wrap with hot sauce.


Weirdest morning beauty habit?

Well, I do two rounds of getting ready—one that’s usually looking semi-put-together for morning drop-off for my boys, and then I swing back by my apartment before going into Paintbox to touch up my makeup, add some accessories, etc.


What does your morning hair-care routine look like?

I’m obsessed with the Shu Uemura Nourishing Hair Oilit’s seriously the best for smoothing strands without greasiness or weighing down your hair. Then I always use Klorane dry shampoo on my rootsI just even did an Amazon subscription for Klorane because I use it so much. Lastly, I always define my waves with my trusty T3 curling ironI’ve been using the same one since my beauty editor days.


How much time do you spend on your skincare routine? Go-to products?

Not too long, probably three-to-five minutes! I wash my face with Glossier Milky Jelly (the key is to put it on dry, not damp or wet skin), and then I use SkinCeuticals Phloretin serum followed by Drunk Elephant Protini moisturizer. Then, I do my makeup and ALWAYS finish with Coola SPF 30 Makeup Setting SprayI’ve seen the science and data behind SPF, it’s truly the most important part of my process. I keep a Supergoop spray SPF on my desk at work, too, to mist mid-day for extra protection.


How long do you usually take to get ready for the day?

I’m very fast, probably 20 minutes max. The true hack to my routine is washing my hair the night before.


What’s the one product you could never leave the house without putting on?

Marc Jacobs eyeliner: It’s great for the waterline and never streaks or runs. It helps me look way more awake and put together.


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The first word/thing that popped into your head this morning?

Paintbox Power Couples, our first lacquer launchso exciting! It’s five years and 117,000 manicures in the making! We had a launch event with editors this morning, so I was prepping for that announcement.


Your favorite morning read?

WWD! I have been reading it daily since college and was even quoted in it in college as an ambassador.


What’s on your nightstand right now?

Uka rollerball nail oil for my cuticles, The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion (one of my favesI’m re-reading it), and an Anna Karlin carafe (I love her color combos).


What’s the current ringtone on your alarm?

I used to have Drake “God’s Plan,” but the song always jolted me. So I just switched to Zen Garden, which sounds like a spa and is much more peaceful.


Coffee, tea, or go-to morning drink?

Black coffee, always!


What’s the last thing you did before you headed out the door today?

Kissed all three of my boys (my husband and sons), as they wished me ‘good luck’ on the launch of Paintbox Power Couples!



SinglePass Curl 1″ Professional Curling Iron


Benefit Cosmetics

Goof Proof Brow Pencil Easy Shape & Fill Pencil


Shu Uemura

Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil



Dry Shampoo with Nettle



Milky Jelly Cleanser



Phloretin CF with Ferulic Acid


Drunk Elephant

Protini™ Polypeptide Moisturizer



Classic Face SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray



Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Mist SPF 50


Marc Jacobs

Magic Marcer Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner



Power Couple



Nail Oil



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