Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Are Coming To A Kohl’s Near You

Finally—truly, finally—I can once again participate in the exchange of money for wares that support my beloved twins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It had been a while—likely since somewhere around 2001 during their Walmart clothing line—that I had been able to financially show my support. Now, all I can say is, I’m back baby! (Except this time I’ll buy the clothes instead of asking my parents.) On Wednesday, it was announced that Elizabeth and James, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s contemporary line, will be debuting exclusively at Kohl’s next holiday season.


“Kohl’s??!” You might have asked yourself. Midwestern mom store Kohl’s?! (Not hating, just stating! I love a good, steeped-in-practicality Midwestern mom store.)


“Kohl’s is the right partner to take our brand into a new era, while staying true to the high-quality, fashion-forward designs that our loyal brand enthusiasts expect from us,” Mary-Kate said in the press release. The collection will likely include the women’s clothing, handbags, jewelry, and fragrances that Elizabeth and James typically offers, but at a less-expensive price point. 


It’s an unexpected choice for the Olsen Twins, who are single-visioned and luxury-based in many respects, crafting an atmosphere of chic, discrete unimaginable wealth at The Row where mysterious women buy out the store of thousands of dollars worth of mink slippers. But Elizabeth and James is focused on slightly more affordable, everyday basics—jean jackets, T-shirts, billowy, cotton tops—which could make it a great fit for a retailer that’s made its name on providing those items.


It seems like the right next step for Kohl’s and Elizabeth and James to attract a larger millennial audience. The retailer has been selling products from Popsugar since September and, this spring, it’s set to launch an “outfit bar” in 50 of its stores stocked with brands like Levi’s, Nike, and Adidas.


“Kohl’s is doing a great job with innovation and thinking differently about omnichannel retail,” Ashley Olsen said. “We have always seen Elizabeth and James speaking to a much larger audience and this new business model with Kohl’s will allow us to achieve that.”


BRB, planning what tent I’ll bring to camp out on Black Friday.

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