Emily Oberg Talks Sade, “Seinfeld” and Celine

Emily Oberg is, at once, both relatable and inspiring. When she’s not listening to Sade, she’s simultaneously working on multiple projects, all while finding  time to squeeze in routine acts of self care. As the former creative lead at KITH and current owner of a clothing brand and zine called Sporty & Rich, Oberg’s professional life is busy—not that she minds. And now she’s taking on the role of designer. Today, she launches a five-piece fine jewelry collection called “The Numbers Game” exclusively with Stone and Strand.


Inspired by streetwear, and specifically Oberg’s own “94” digit necklace, each piece in the collection features two digits that can be customized. “It’s a line for everyone: the sporty girl or guy, the older woman who wears blazers and Manolos but wants a contrast with her jewelry,” she says, adding, “I really wanted to make something that anyone could see themselves wearing.”


Emily Oberg Talks Sade, Seinfeld and Staying Active 2

Ring, $375 at Stone and Strand


The collection is small, but it has all of the bases covered: two different signet rings, an anklet, a pair of stud earrings and a pave dog tag, all of which are handmade in New York with ethically-sourced diamonds and 10-k gold. For the launch, Emily answered some of our burning questions about Celine (née Céline), her love of Larry David, and how she manages to get it all done.


This collection is called The Numbers Game. Are there any numbers that are important to you?

The year I was born, 1994. I love the way it looks. Visually it’s a perfect number to me.


Imagine you’re stranded on a desert island. What’s the one piece of jewelry that you would bring with you?
A pair of small gold hoop earrings.


You’re juggling a lot of different projects at once, like your brand Sporty & Rich, and now your jewelry line. How do you stay focused and balanced?
I’m not happy unless I have a lot going on. I feel unproductive so I like to stay
busy mostly. I make sure to have a lot of time for leisure and fun. I box and do Pilates, go to the gym and for hikes, and I play tennis with a coach 3 times per week. It’s important that I get to enjoy life and do what I love.


Emily Oberg Talks Sade, Seinfeld and Self Care

Courtesy of Emily Oberg x Stone And Strand


What’s your favorite…


Lilia in Williamsburg.


TV show?


Current album?
Promise, Sade.


Everyday sneaker?
New Balance 990 in Grey


Beauty product?
Chanel lip balm


Emily Oberg Talks Sade, Seinfeld and Staying Active

Courtesy of Emily Oberg x Stone And Strand


This or That?


We’ve read that you have an appreciation for Larry David. Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Curb, the writing is more consistent. When Larry stopped writing for Seinfeld it went downhill.


New York or LA?
LA no question.


Big parties or intimate gatherings?
Being alone.


Nameplate ring or nameplate necklace?


Hi-tops or low-tops?


Phoebe Philo or Hedi Slimane?
Phoebe of course!


Gold or silver?


“The Numbers Game” is now available with prices starting from $95.

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