Cardi B’s Makeup Artist Swears By Scotch Tape

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Behind every one of Cardi B’s iconic makeup looks is the skill of one woman: Erika La’Pearl, to be exact. As Bardi’s go-to makeup artist, this celeb MUA brings her A-game to every show, event, and outing her client runs to. So, of course she knows how to do makeup the right way, okurrr?


Of course I just had to hop on a call with La’Pearl to find out her favorite beauty obsessions. And what is she currently loving ATM? Scotch tape, Curve Cologne by Liz Clairborne, and Louis Vuitton. Below, we dive deep into La’Pearl’s beauty must-haves.



One beauty trend you’re currently obsessed with:

“Tape. Scotch tape, whatever tape you have on hand with you. I use that tape like crazy for tons of my looks.”


Your favorite scent:

“Curve by Liz Claiborne. Everytime I smell it it’s like the best smell in the world to me. I don’t know why, it’s like the cheapest cologne in the world but I just love it so much. I love the old fashioned one, with the green bottle.”


One product or trend you’d never try:

“There’s this trend on social media that I see that I would absolutely never ever try, and that’s shaving your entire face with a razor. That looks crazy, I would never do that.”


One product or trend you can’t live without:

“The LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Orange Color Corrector.”


Favorite brands you’re loving RN:

“I have so many favorite brands, but the one that I love the most is Pat McGrath.”


Go-to uniform:

“High waisted Fashion Nova jeans. I have a pair of bell bottomed ones that I love, and then I’ll wear a black top. I’m always doing makeup, so I always have to wear black.”  


Favorite Saturday night activity:

“I like going to the movies. I’m not really a party person, so I don’t go out like that. But, if I am going out I’m going to makeup events or conventions.”



Your current Netflix/TV Show binge:

“I usually watch a bunch of scary movies on Netflix, but right now I like watching reruns of Martin.”


The one celebrity you want to get a manicure with:

“Cardi, that’s my boo. I’m always watching her get her nails done while I’m doing her makeup, but I’d love to get my nails done with her one day.”


Your daily beauty routine:

“I moisturize, put on my color corrector, a bit of foundation, concealer, and lashes. For skincare, I’m always using Ole Henriksen.”


Who’s your biggest style inspiration:

Kollin [Carter] and his assistant Vincent, they’re Cardi B’s stylists. I’m so inspired by the way they style her, and I try to do the crazy stuff that they’re doing with her.”


Is there anything online you order in bulk:

“Purses! I love purses, bags, I love all of ‘em, especially Louis Vuitton. ”


A weird hobby you’ve just gotten into:

“My wigs, but is that a hobby? I’ve also started exploring more with my fashion. I used to dress very casual, because I was a workaholic and never had time to curate my look. But now I’m really inspired by Kollin and Cardi to be more experimental with my look.”



Curve Cologne for Men



HD Pro Concealer in Orange Corrector



BlitzTrance Lipstick



Stay Groovin' Bell Bottom Jeans



Banana Bright Eye Crème



Monogram Nano Speedy


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