Why Were The ‘Euphoria’ Outfits So Familiar?

There’s little question that Euphoria has shaken up our notions of teen drama. Landing somewhere between Skins and The O.C., life as a Gen Z-er has never seemed more dramatic—social media, sexuality, drug abuse and gender identity serving as the primary themes. But the characters of Euphoria are also growing up in the age of FaceTune and two-day shipping, which means they’re dressing, well, the way we are. 


Especially Maddy. Bizarrely, considering she comes from such a low-income family, Maddy has been outfitted in everything from influencer favorite I.AM.GIA to Louis Vuitton. How is she affording to cop these cool-girl must-haves? Unclear, though in her ‘personal’ episode all signs pointed to abusive boyfriend and son of the town’s primary magnate, Nate. And while the show has been rumored to come to an end after its second season, you can own Maddy’s looks forever. 


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Let’s start with I.AM.GIA, because she’s donned multiple sets from the brand. “We definitely decided from the beginning that we wanted her to wear sets, that would be a thing for her,” costume designer Heidi Bivens told The Cut. “[Euphoria creator Sam Levinson] was interested in girls seeing looks out in the world and being able to say ‘That’s so Maddy.’” The most infamous is that which she wore to confront Nate at the carnival, which had the GIA logo on both pieces.


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar? 1



Lucid Pant



Lucid Top



And then her and Nate victoriously strutting the high school halls.


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar?



Brit Crop Top



Let’s head over to another Australian designer, Daisy. If you haven’t heard of the label run by a husband-wife duo then you’ve done the impossible: managed to avoid Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and just about every Instagram ‘it’-girl to ever exist. Here’s very grainy evidence (we’re sorry) of Maddy in leopard-print capris and graphic crop tee by the brand.


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar? 3


Wild capri



Gold script t-shirt



And who could forget the very memorable Miaou set, the start-up founded by Alexia Elkaim offers Y2k-inspired looks to wear year-round—and it’s growing by the day. You may remember seeing the brand on Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born when she first takes the stage with Bradley Cooper, as well as many, many influencers. 


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar? 4


Embroidered morgan pants

$158 (used)


Ah, Réalisation Par. The brand founded by @4thandBleeker (A.K.A model and influencer in her own right, Alexandra Spencer), also found its way onto the show. Here is Maddy in their now sold-out Daisy dress, but you can always buy the same style in another print.


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar? 5

Réalisation Par

The Christy



Maddy’s mall look from early in the season was among her most iconic—Clueless and Heathers-inspired, the UK designer No Dress. If this doesn’t sell out soon, it’s only a matter of time.


Why Were The 'Euphoria' Outfits So Familiar? 6

No Dress

Orange cobalt blue knit coat


No Dress

Orange cobalt blue knit skirt



We wait with bated breath for the next season, and the next expertly Instagram-curated wardrobe Maddy will showcase. 




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