Ezra Miller is a Goat Midwife Dressed in Ferragamo

It’s a new dawn in menswear! The fine people at GQ Style have released their holiday issue and on the cover is the actor and queer hero Ezra Miller. Inside the issue, Miller wears a range of gender-bending looks, including a green knit dress by Salvatore Ferragamo. Nary a bow-tie in site, this is a far cry from what we are used to seeing in the pages of GQ. Admittedly, GQ Style has always pushed the boundaries of menswear more than it’s flagship title, but stylist Mobolaji Dawodu really took the fashion to the next level this time, using it to tell Miller’s story of gender expression (hint: Miller’s gender fluid but is comfortable with all of the pronouns).


Ezra Miller is a Goat Midwife Dressed in Ferragamo

Courtesy of GQ


Miller has played roles in movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and the “Harry Potter” series, but his cover story reveals his true calling realized as a farmer and goat midwife.


“I live on a farm in Vermont,” Miller tells GQ Style of his move from crowded Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to the quiet countryside. He’s not there alone. His “genre queer” bandmates from Sons of an Illustrious Father live there with him. He also hangs out a lot with his two sisters, one of whom is a midwife (to people). She’s “talked [Miller] through some of the scariest, weirdest contingencies,” so he’s “ready to do a bunch of fucked-up shit” should anything happen to his goat Noisette who’s going into labor while this story is taking place.


Head to GQ to read to the full story.

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