Revive Your Complexion With This Superfood

Avocados have become a trend of their own kind. There’s a reason why people are shamelessly toting phone cases and tees that pay tribute to the beloved fruit (yes, it’s a fruit): not only is it creamy and delicious, but it’s also filled with body-nourishing benefits. It’s a superfood that everyone needs to add to their diet — and their skincare routine.


How Avocados Benefit Your Skin


“Superfoods such as avocado (along with spinach and quinoa) have seeped into the skincare space,” says board-certified dermatologist and creator of Curology, Dr. David Lortscher. “Aside from their nutritional value, brands are touting their topical value to fighting off free-radicals and achieving radiant skin.”


According to research composed by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, this famous fruit can do quite a bit of rejuvenation for your skin. IJMS’s research shows that avocado oil has hydrating qualities to the surface layer of your skin, and also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.


The benefits don’t stop there: avocado oil contains a whole mixture of nurturing vitamins, and has been shown to help with wound healing and collagen production. It’s a highly recommended ingredient for drier skin types, and due to its collagen-boosting properties it is a great pick for anyone looking for a natural anti-aging product.


“Avocado oil is rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and oleic acid, minerals, and vitamins A, C, D, and E,” Dr. lortscher says. “It is an excellent source of enrichment for dry, damaged, or chapped skin.”


Currently suffering from seasonal bouts of dryness and irritation? Then recharge your skin with this skin-saving hero ingredient. If you’re a fan of DIY beauty, then you can easily craft up your own at-home avocado face mask to quench parched pores. But, be cautious before you try any random Pinterest recipe—stay cautious and keep Dr. Lortscher’s main tip in mind before you slather on your mask: don’t trust every all-natural ingredient you see.


One of the biggest misconceptions in skincare is the “all natural” epidemic. We hate to burst your bubble, but just because an ingredient is naturally derived, does not mean it’s good for your skin. “Avoid citrus, especially lemon, cinnamon, and coconut oil,” Dr. Lortscher says. If you choose to go the all-natural DIY route, then Dr. Lortscher recommends using diluted tea tree oil, jojoba oil, or oatmeal in your next avocado face mask. If you’re craving an added avo-boost, then he also suggests adding a few drops of avocado oil to your favorite non-pore clogging, non-irritating moisturizer before bed.





While “do it yourself” projects are always fun, sometimes we just don’t have the time (or effort) to go through the lengthy process of creating a face mask. So, in times like these, we grab these avocado-filled products to give us the same rejuvenating boost in half of the time. Below, check out some of our favorite avo-infused beauty products.



TONYMOLY I’m Avocado Sheet Mask 5-Pack



I'm Avocado Sheet Mask 5 Pack



Sheet masks are not only a fun K-Beauty product for relaxing, but they’re also saturated in skin-reviving serums to moisturize your dehydrated skin. This sheet mask is drenched in avocado extract to give your skin a quenched, supple appearance. In just 20 minutes, you’ll have a happier and healthier-looking complexion.



Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado



1851 Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 0.95 oz.



The skin around our eyes one of the most delicate areas on our bodies, so you always have to give it a nourishing pick-me-up to avoid any drooping, darkening, and dryness. So, give your under-eyes a replenishing treatment with this fan-favorite eye cream. This ultra-hydrating eye treatment will give your under-eyes and lids a much-needed wake up call with it’s creamy formula that’s filled with avocado oil. It’s great for anyone with dry skin that needs an added boost of hydration at the end of the day.



Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream




Dr. Lortscher is a major fan of this ultra-hydrating day cream. “I love this cream because it’s non-comedogenic and great for dry skin,” he says. It also contains moisturizing jojoba oil, giving you a plump and radiant finish without leaving a greasy feel behind.


Rossano Ferretti Intenso Softening and Smoothing Hair Mask



Intenso Softening and Smoothing Hair Mask



Avocado’s replenishing benefits aren’t reserved just for your skin. This superfruit also a great addition to your hair care routine, especially if you have dry, brittle, or damaged strands.This mask combines the power of avocado oil, shea butter, sweet almond, and rice protein to completely transform your tresses from dull and dry to silky smooth and filled with sheen. Using an avocado oil-infused hair mask is key to giving your hair an added boost of hydration, which is why you should be using this strengthening hair mask on a weekly basis.


First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer



Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer Light 0.17 oz/ 4.8 g



Who said the avocado-filled fun has to stop at beauty prep? This concealer is filled with avocado oil to give your skin comforting nourishment as it covers up your dark circles and blemishes. With its second skin-like finish, this concealer is easily blendable and buildable, so you can add as little (or as much) as you please without any fear of creasing, flaking, or smudging.


Sephora Collection Avocado Hand Mask



Hand Mask - Avocado



Have your hands been feeling a little rough? We tend to neglect the skin on our hands, which go through quite a bit on a daily basis. Constant washing, weather, and everyday activities can leave them feeling callused and dry, leaving us embarrassed to whip them out for weekly manicures and even handshakes. To revive you malnourished hands, use this godsend hand repair mask from Sephora. This pair of disposable gloves is richly infused with avocado extract to give your skin the necessary hydration it’s been thirsting for. With one treatment, you’ll have silky-smooth paws that will survive even the harshest of winter weather.


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