Yes, You Can Pull Off The Fanny Pack Look

Fanny packs are officially back! And while I initially thought that only Bella Hadid could pull the old school staple, I have now been convinced that it’s all about the styling to make it work. So what’s the easiest way to work it into your wardrobe?

Think about it as a layering accessory—it should complement your wardrobe not confuse it. I’ve had the best success wearing it two specific but very different ways; the first is to sub a leather fanny pack as a high-waisted belt since it looks more natural with denim. The second is to bandwagon off of fanny pack’s athleisure roots and wear a nylon version over-the-shoulder taking a cue from Supreme and Off-White. And if you really want to get fancy, proceed with caution since layering it over dresses requires a bit more of finesse with adding length to balance it out i.e. a long long robe or a denim jacket. Scroll down below for our top picks on the trend at every price range.

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