Farrah Abraham Let Her Daughter Watch Her Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

In an instance of either the worst or coolest mother award, Farrah Abraham livestreamed her vaginal rejuvenation surgery on Instagram last week — and her 9-year-old daughter Sophia tuned in. The former Teen Mom OG personality (and froyo entrepreneur!) livestreamed part of her vaginal rejuvenation surgery, a two-hour procedure designed to give her a “designer vagina”.

1.2 million Instagram followers also watched, and reactions were…varied. Many were shocked that her daughter was watching the procedure, but Abraham is also the parent who had her daughter film her but injections, so which is worse? Hard to say. The 26-year-old reality star doesn’t feel it’s something to be ashamed of though.

“Anyone can watch on live and it’s educational to watch!” she told PopCulture.com.

And we will give her that — it WAS educational. “My vagina’s giving birth to a new vagina today,” Abraham said in the 90-second-video. In her Instagram caption, she offered a Q&A opportunity to answer any questions about attaining a “designer vagina” along with her Beverly Hills vagina surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian. Something we didn’t know about vaginal rejuvenation surgery? “You can’t have sex for 30 days after you’ve had designer vagina surgery,” Abraham told her followers.

She had a previous vaginal rejuvenation surgery last fall, something involving collagen and breaking it up, but this one took it a step further and involved, well, cutting things off. The labiaplasty was apparently not invasive enough to stop her from streaming it and talking throughout the procedure.

Her daughter commented on the video, saying “Hi mom hi mom hi mom” which, we’ll admit, is oddly sweet. Should she be watching her mom’s vagina surgery? Well, maybe not. But you can’t say that Abraham isn’t an involved parent.

Yesterday, Abraham also said goodbye to Teen Mom, the show that launched her career, Teen Mom. On Instagram, she shared a photo of herself and Dr. Drew, also writing a long post about her tumultuous time on the show. “It’s been a great 10 year era of Farrah for Teen Mom I always make the most out of life and I’m so blessed I got to be that fighter, the strong women, the honest single parent, showing motherhood can be glamorous, Joy, happiness, memories & no regrets,” she said.

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