What’s On Your Fashion Bucket List?

As we make frantic attempts to check off our summer bucket lists as the season’s end draws nearer and nearer, conversation around the COOLS HQ has turned towards our fashion bucket list—that one, dream item (or multiple items for some) that we’ve fawned over, saved up pennies for, and silently resigned to one day buy.

Carina, Account Manager

The Chloe Faye bag has been my dream bag for a while. After a year at my first full time job, many hours of deliberation and test runs in store, I finally took the plunge. It was so beautiful. So beautiful that I felt bad when I took it out for risk of ruining the perfect black suede. The first time I wore it, it started to downpour on a perfectly clear day. I ran into the closest store and quickly hurried it into a large plastic shopping bag to keep it safe. After months of keeping it safely stowed away, I realized I couldn’t own something that was I was too nervous to ruin, and a suede bag could not become more beautiful over time. So I decided to return my dream bag and dream up the next one. 

Kelly, Marketing Associate

The item that’s been on my bucket list forever is a pair of round gold glasses. Besides gracing me with the daily gift of sight, my glasses are my most worn accessory. Committing to a new pair always feels like a risk especially as they become more trendy and stylish then in the past. Hence why the pair has remained on my bucket list for quite some time, with each pay check coming and going with no purchase. I’m thinking I’ll final cave this fall… maybe… 


47Mm Optical Glasses - Nude Crystal


Marie-Laure, Merchandising Director

My bucket list is not just one item—it’s a dream wardrobe with the perfect must-haves. I already have a couple of items from my bucket list but still trying to build my dream wardrobe. Depending on the season or new trends, my perfect essentials sometimes change, and I still hesitate to make a purchase. But my dream wardrobe is coming along.
The perfect black perfecto: ✔️  Schott NYC


Perfecto Crop Leather Jacket, Size X-Small - Black


The perfect jeans: ✔️ Re/Done


High-rise slim-leg cropped jeans


The perfect dress: ✔️ Realisation Par
What's Your Fashion Bucket List? 1
The perfect sneakers: ✔️ Common Projects


Original Achilles Leather Sneakers - White


The perfect bag:✔️ Chanel


Chanel 2.55 Classic Flap Bag


The perfect tee: still on the quest to the holy grail


The perfect heels: still on the quest for these as well, but I’m thinking of investing in these Manolos:


Carolyne 90 Suede Slingbacks


The dream bag, top of my bucket list, is the vintage Kelly bag from Hermès. I’m considering adding it on my wedding registry if I ever get marriedI know it’s a little too much, but so much better than silverware! Plus, I seriously just consider it as an investment to pass along to my daughter/daughters if I have kids. Yeah, I’m a little bougie. But less is more and my motto is to invest in a few good investment pieces.


Vintage Kelly 35 Chevre Satchel Bag


Robyn, Associate Editor

When I was in high school, I’d always told myself that I would spend my first real, grown-up pay check towards a pair of Manolos. It wasn’t even an outlandish plan that involved forgoing dinner à la Carrie Bradshaw in exchange for shoes. The idea was that one day, I’d get to a point where I’d paid the student loan and electricity yet still have enough left over to get the $700 pair of shoes. That day has come and gone, yet my closet still sits Manolo-less. I don’t know what’s stopping me, maybe my love of a good sale find has me waiting until I find my dream pair marked down, or maybe the anticipation of one day getting that dream item is just a bit sweeter than actually slipping into the shoes. And what’s worse—I never even selected a specific style for fear that I’d fall too deeply in love and obsess over it. I just always knew I wanted Manolos, and not for some Carrie-Bradshaw-wannabe reason; I just can never get enough of Blahnik’s artful yet classic designs. That’s what a bucket list item should be, rather than a hot yet fleeting trend.

Some of my faves:


Leather Chelsa 50 Boots in White



Allura Slingback Pointy Toe Pump, Size 9US / 39EU - Pink



Espedal pumps - Black


Cody, News Editor

I’ve been really into patchwork lately. Naturally, my obsession started with my number one “fashion killa” A$AP Rocky. In June, he wore a head-to-toe patchwork look by Loewe during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. The look consisted of an unbuttoned shirt made of multi-colored bandanas, paired with matching pants. Trolls in the “Streetwear” section of Reddit have come to the consensus that patchwork is a look only A$AP could pull off, but that hasn’t stopped me from hunting down the perfect Stüssy bandana-patched shirt from Need Supply.

Now all I need are a pair of matching pants from the NYC-based brand Bode. I first found out about the Bode during fashion week. What attracted me to the brand was that everything is made from “deadstock” fabrics sourced from India and Europe. Deadstock fabrics are fabrics that are no longer being produced, so the item is truly one of a kind, which I think is pretty cool.


Kolkata Patchwork Trouser


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