No Leather, All Luxe: Faux Leather Jackets for Cruelty-Free Style

Ever since their inauguration into fashion in the 1950’s, the leather jacket has become so much more than a stylish outer layer. It’s a symbol of counterculture, and gives a rebellious touch to anyone’s attitude, no matter how sweet the persona. A leather jacket is considered a necessity for both men and women, and is one of the rare pieces that truly embodies the roots of androgyny.


But, the classic leather jacket needs to go.


Ditch The Leather


Although the leather jacket is undeniably considered a timeless piece, it comes with its issues. First off, they’re extremely pricey investments. While having a pure leather jacket may feel luxuriously buttery and smooth to the touch, the price of one can easily empty out your pockets. But if money isn’t an issue for you, the ethics (or should I say, the lack of) behind these jackets are enough to make anyone stay away from these jackets for good.


Yes, I know, leather is considered a byproduct of the meat industry, but that doesn’t mean Ol’ Betsey is living the lavish life before she’s turned into your favorite cold weather outerwear. According to PETA, many animals that are used for leather (such as cows, crocodiles, goats, and lamb) face a tremendous amount of heart wrenching cruelty before heading to the slaughter house. I’m not going to get into the gory details here, but a quick google search and a skim through PETA’s website will definitely turn you off from leather goods for a lifetime.


Go Faux


No Leather, All Luxe: Faux Leather Jackets for Cruelty-Free Style 1

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In recent years, almost every major label at the forefront of modern fashion has been more than willing to ditch fur and use alternative materials, so why aren’t they offering to give leather the cold shoulder? It seems like we’re going in the right direction for our furry, wide-eyed friends, but the industry has a long way to go before it’s considered a purely ethical environment.


That’s why I’m making the switch and going leather-free.


I know some of you may cringe at the thought of “pleather,” which has a pretty negative stigma around it. Alternative leather materials are usually pegged as cheap in look and feel, but hear me out. There are tons of faux leather options for you to choose from, and many of them actually have the same look and feel as real leather.


Don’t know where to begin your faux leather journey? Start with your leather jackets. These are one of the most popular leather goods on the market, so making the switch to a leather-alternative for this cold weather necessity is a small way to make a major ethical impact. Plus, faux leather jackets tend to me more inexpensive, making it a great option for ballers on a budget.


If you’re in need of a faux leather jacket, then look no further. Below, you can take a look at some of the best black faux leather jackets of the season — I know you won’t be disappointed.


Keep the animals (& your wallet) happy with these black faux leather jackets.


An Athleisure Touch



Woman Coated French Cotton-terry Biker Jacket Black Size S

$363 $163


The classic moto jacket is completely revamped with a modern athleisure inspo. The French terry-cotton insole gives this jacket a more contemporary feel, while keeping you warm and comfortable throughout any cold weather. This biker jacket also has an edginess to it through the raw hemlines and asymmetrical zipper, creating a style that’s unique in its own fashion. This is a great everyday faux leather jacket that can easily be worn anywhere, and is as cozy as it is stylish. The terry-cotton interior keeps tight, uncomfortable fits at bay, letting you lounge around without caution.


The Divine Feminine



Faux Leather Jacket, Size Medium - Black



While the classics are always a hit, sometimes a more femme touch is key for a flattering effect. Enter this faux leather jacket from BLANKNYC: unlike bulkier leather jackets, this has a lighter feel and slimmer cut. It creates a sexier silhouette, and strays away from the average androgynous design most leather and biker jackets embody. But, it still has some nods to the classic’s hardcore attitude, mainly through the straight shoulders, strategically places zipper details, and the front fold-over chest flaps. It’s the optimal choice for creating the best of both worlds: a rebellious vibe, with a delicate femme finish.


Business Per Usual



Faux Leather Blazer, Size Medium - Black



When you envision office attire, a leather jacket probably does not come to mind. Well, this faux leather blazer will change that:this ultra-light, soft feel creates an understated look that’s perfect for spicing up your cubicle attire. It still has a few hints of the classic leather jacket via small pockets, minimal zippers, and a fold-over collar lining, but overall plays it safe through the relaxed blazer fit. And if you’re headed out after work hours, you can easily tone up this jacket with vibrant jewelry and accessories. It’s a versatile piece that should be stowed in everyone’s autumn wardrobe.


Playful Patent



Faux leather jacket



If Alexa Chung says patent is in, then patent is officially in. And what better way to embrace this 1990’s comeback than with this patent faux leather jacket? It may be on the pricier side of the faux leather spectrum, but it’s worth every penny for its fun patent finish and true-black hue. The silver-toned buttons, sharp collar, and slim-fit cut create a metallic supernova feel that brings back major nostalgia. If you’re headed out for a long, wild night, then slip into this jacket for a unique look that will make you the life of the party.


The Classic



Faux Leather Vintage Moto Jacket, Size Medium - Black



I know what you’re really here for: a straight-forward, classic black faux leather jacket. This faux leather piece has a cool vintage feel through the raw, layered edges and bottom belt detail. The scattered gunmetal zipper details create a grungy, rambunctious attitude without overwhelming your style. It has a rough and rowdy vibe that looks like you pulled it straight from your boyfriend’s closet, but still has a fitted feel that flatters your body. Another plus about this pick is that it’s water-repellent, so unlike real leather, you can dare to run around in whatever weather the season throws at you without any repercussions.


Full-Faux Effect



Moto Jacket With Faux Shearling Lining, Size Small - Black



One of the hottest trends every fall season is undoubtedly the classic moto jacket with a cozy shearling insole. But, why grab the real animal furs and leathers when you can create an identical look with guilt-free materials? That’s why I’m strolling around downtown with this number: it’s completely free of any animal-derived materials, but looks luxurious and oh-so chic. The faux shearling lining will keep you just as warm and toasty while adding contrast to the black faux leather body, creating the perfect outerwear for making statements.


Gloss Boss



Faux patent leather jacket



This glossy outer piece from Calvin Klein is another patent leather essential of the season. It’s a slightly shorter cut, and has a lightly crinkled texture to create a worn-in look. It’s a godsend for giving any basic graphic tee and skinny jeans look a more polished, editorial-ready energy.


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