French Girl Style Gets an Update With Floriane Fosso

“Now the Parisian girl is very curious. She is really, really creative… and a bit crazy.” A Parisian girl herself, Floriane Fosso has revamped the cliche meaning of “French girl style,” while turning the traditions of French haute couture into a sustainable eco-fashion platform. Floriane discovered that through upcycling fabrics from couture houses, she can help solve the waste problem within the fashion industry, while also helping her brand’s mission of offering an accessible luxury.

Floriane blends her recycled materials with organic, natural fabrics, keeping her styles as innovative for the planet as they are for the French girl cliche. The young fashion designer has in turn build a brand based on a strong, slow fashion mission that is ecological, affordable, and allows an attainable French girl look for all the Parisian dreamers out there.

Her latest collection explores the concept of the exotic tweeds—a new take on the classic material all the classic French brands love, that is modernized and inspired by Floriane’s passion for travel. With contemporary touches like her beloved fringe and playful use of color, Floriane’s new take on the French girl can take over the world…

And we got the inside look into how Floriane’s creativity flows.


Head of Video: Tina Rosh   DP: Diana Rudychenko

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