FYI: Cardi B Is A “Balenciaga Mama”

The star wears stripes. “She Bad” rapper Cardi B flexed her fashion muscles yesterday in a pink and yellow plaid Balenciaga coat-turned-dress, paired with matching boots. Standing next to a head-shaped planter, the new-ish mom accessorized her look with a turquoise-colored Hermès “Birkin” bag reportedly worth $14,000, the price of which belies Cardi’s “oh, this old thing?” expression.


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The nipped waist and architectural hips of Cardi’s also-pricey coat (it rings in somewhere around $3,400) suggest a technical design savvy that could only be accomplished by the hands of a skilled and seasoned designer. However (!), upon further investigation, we discovered that Cardi’s coat was actually made using 3-D printing technology (ooo).


With this information, the question is: is a computer-generated jacket really worth luxury prices? At any rate, we can only hope for the Fashion Nova version of this look to drop soon, so that we, too, can be Balenciaga Mama’s.

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