GCDS Launches a Beauty Capsule

GCDS, also known as God Can’t Destroy Streetwear, is more than a fashion label. Now the Milan-based brand dabbles in cosmetics, too. Starting November 1, GCDS will sell beauty on it’s website, which will include a range of four cruelty-free lipsticks: “Hype,” a transparent balm; “Blinghoe,” a sparkly, plumping top coat; “Marijuana 4:20,” an aptly-named shade of green; and “Velvet D.I.C.K.,” a matte red hue.


GCDS is Dropping a Beauty Capsule 1

“Velvet D.I.C.K.,” $25.09 each at GCDS


“These products are for me the purse essentials,” co-founder and designer Giuliano Calza tells WWD. “[My goal] is not to compete with the major beauty companies, I just wanted to deliver fun products to gift my people.”


Priced around $25 each, these are certainly gift-able little lipsticks for the person who doesn’t take themselves, or their makeup, too seriously. The lipsticks are set in sleek black tubes and packaged in transparent “take-away” bags with tongue-in-cheek taglines, like “They said ‘get me high,’ I show them how.” Admittedly, the Italian to English translation could use some work, but we get the point: puff, puff, pass and re-apply.


GCDS is Dropping a Beauty Capsule

“Marijuana 4:20,” $25.09 each at GCDS


GCDS loves to defy convention. Case in point, the brand sent two models down the runway for its Spring 2019 show, each with three boobs (for a total of six)—yeah, for real. This unconventional approach bleeds into their campaign, in which they’ve enlisted beauty game-changers like Sophia Hadjipanteli and Derek Drummond (aka Poster Boy) to model the new lipstick range.


GCDS is Dropping a Beauty Capsule 3

Sophia Hadjipanteli



This is only the start for GCDS, as the brand plans to continue expanding it’s “ironic yet high end” beauty offering into 2019 and on.

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