Lord Knows You Need This Ginormous, Sustainable Scrunchie

In case you haven’t heard, it’s scrunchie season. There’s likely not a single girl in Soho who doesn’t own the bulky hair tie-alternative—or a 40-pack of various colors from Amazon—but one brand is taking the obnoxious accessory to the next level. These scrunchies are here to make a statement and won’t accept anything less than the attention of everyone within a two-mile radius.


Philadelphia-based vintage store Room Shop has created the only update your hair decoration collection needs: giant—and we mean giant—scrunchies. Available in both satin and organza, as well as a range of colors and patterns, you can find a scrunchie to accompany every outfit for just $20.


And hey, they’re also practical. In the grips of the sweatiest season, there’s nothing quite like a massive scrap of fabric (more reliable than a head scarf, more fashionable than a clip), to keep the hair off your neck. Not to mention, each scrunchie is sewn on-site from recycled, deadstock, scrap ends, or discontinued fabric. 


What more reason do you need?


Room Shop

Giant Scrunchie





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