Take a First Look Into Glossier’s West Coast Home

On the heels of the brand’s latest Lash Slick product launch, Glossier’s west coast location is less than 24 hours from opening. The “skin-first” label has held multiple pop-ups on the West Coast, but Glossier’s new West Hollywood digs are set to open Tuesday, May 15 (aka tomorrow), at 8497 Melrose Place.

The Glossier NYC showroom has become a haven for shoppers who have fallen for the pink space and its products. Following in the SoHo location’s footsteps, the new West Hollywood store is primed for success. While the design of the store will differ greatly from the NYC location, it will have all the usual things a SoCal Glossier-lover could want: endless products, “offline editors” to help walk you through the shop, and a desert-like wilderness theme.

In a statement, the brand said, “Glossier LA was inspired by the idea of escaping the city and driving through the California desert.”

The brand is making that idea a reality with their an immersive, in-store “Desert Canyon” experience. The immersive space features a mirror with canyon-like walls, meant solely for “content creation,” according to a brand rep (read: selfie wall).

Scaling growth seems to be the recipe for success, according to Emily Weiss and her team, who have confirmed they “don’t have plans to open a number of storefronts across the country.”

Whatever Weiss and the Glossier team are doing, it’s working. The burgeoning brand counts 1.1 million loyal followers on Instagram, and they are all buying into the Glossier aesthetic: flawless skin with a touch of dew, soft dusty color palettes, and perfectly filtered Instagrams edited to look au naturel.

This online cult-like community has become a defining characteristic of millennial beauty. It’s paved the way for other indie beauty brands, and groups of people, to join together and celebrate their respective ideas of beauty in today’s society. And lucky for Glossier’s Emily Weiss, who has transformed her online community into a brick-and-mortar reality. 

“Glossier LA is designed to be the pinnacle of engagement for the community that’s been built in our digital spaces.”

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